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Ecco Bella Perfume, Ambrosia

Reviewer1169104发表于 Feb 02, 2011

I liked this perfume. It has a rich intense warm scent, almost what I would call an Oriental spicy/earthy scent. It reminds me of an older fragrance called Cinnabar. It does last quite a while on my skin, so, a little goes a long way. I think it may be more suited to "mature" women as it seems to be more heavy in nature. I think it's more of an evening and/or fall/winter fragrance.


Vintage parfum!

New-Zealand发表于 Jun 29, 2014

I loved this, but it is very heavy and spicy which is my style. If you like vintage parfums, you'll love this. If you like light, breezy & subtle scents, this is NOT for you.


Lovely scent!

Reviewer3288000发表于 May 12, 2011

The description of this eau de parfum sounded very enticing, and I was very pleased when I got it and tried it on my skin. What a beautiful, complex scent! It's exotic, sweet, spicy, floral, with hints of yummy deliciousness... It changes over time, like all good perfume does, and each "stage" is wonderful! I am giving this to my sister for her birthday, bit I have more coming for me. ;-) So glad I came across this product!


Not what expected

Reviewer3176815发表于 Mar 26, 2014

Bought this as a natural substitute for perfume. The scent can be described as heavy, the geranium overpowers the scent, sandalwood is the second element to come through, and you can slightly smell the black current. However, i bought this for the 'vanilla base notes', which one both mine and my mothers skin was non existent. Big disappointment. If you prefer androgynous scents, that are earthy and deep, this one's for you.


Very mysterious..

Reviewer1544739发表于 Jun 10, 2010

Spicy and musky.. Love it. Lasts longer than Bourbon Vanilla


Delightful smell

Elena1280324发表于 Jul 16, 2012

Delightful smell. Gentle, stupefying, sensual, erotic, sacral. At contact with skin leaves easy feeling of heat. Natural. Long keeps.


Good but...

Reviewer1811316发表于 Feb 28, 2012

Definitely not synthetic which is a big plus. The head notes are very strong and sweet, after a while what is left is good but weak. Overall there are too many strong notes in the mix which ends up being a minus, as the subtle notes are lost.


Great natural scent

sarahjean发表于 Aug 16, 2011

I hope this company makes a bigger range of perfumes in future as I would like to try other scents -- there are very few long-lasting perfumes on the market which are natural and don't contain harmful preservatives or other additives. Nice scent which changes throughout the day.


Intriguing, unusual, unique

5536595171908109527发表于 Jun 09, 2016

At first I wasn't sure if I liked this perfume...but after wearing it for awhile, it has grown on me quite nicely. There's something intellectual and strange about this perfume. I have never smelled anything like it before.


Smells great.

Reviewer3142732发表于 Jan 30, 2011

I love this perfume, and my husband likes it, too. It's amazing how it changes while you wear it. It does fade rather quickly, though. However, it is organic and all natural.


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