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Love this!

5203115874224767318发表于 6月 14, 2012

This mascara is wonderful! I wasn't sure if I'd like using it because the wand has what I call "old-school" bristles (some of the newer mascaras on the market have these new silicone-type bristles on the mascara wand that separate the lashes very easily). But just like the newer wands, this wand lifts the lashes and separates them very well. It does take a few seconds to dry; so right after I apply the mascara, I fan my lashes with my hand a little. No biggie. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it does smudge off a bit throughtout the day, and I get a bit of mascara debris under my eyes (lools like a faint dark circle).


Very black

5260024334442924469发表于 10月 11, 2014

Truly black mascara. Applies well. Doesn`t irritate eyes. Brush should be thicker and fuller.


nice mascara, but...

melsie发表于 5月 10, 2013

This is a really nice mascara. I know they claim that it's not waterproof, just water resistant, but I find that this smudged quite a bit when I got teary eyed one time :P


Mixed feelings

5172636253617443133发表于 5月 18, 2013

The mascara is pretty great but it stains terribly and ruined a dress I wore! I had it dry cleaned twice and wet-treated and it just wouldn't come out. I have used other vegan/vegetarian mascaras that haven't run easily when crying but this one runs. Apart from this it is great and the mirror is so cute and useful


Nice Mascara

Reviewer2214235发表于 3月 11, 2011

I wasn't sure I would like this mascara but it went on smooth and did not clump. I also like the lash brush. I would buy again.


Good product, good company

Reviewer1756258发表于 7月 26, 2011

Long lasting, does not smear; fairly benign ingredients (compared to most mainstream mascaras). Would prefer it did not have parabens, but I suppose they are a necessary evil where bacteria could be an issue.


Pretty good

Reviewer1051105发表于 8月 06, 2011

using it two months. Does find it smuges at the end of a very long day and i save it for days on wich it doesnt rain. Do have to be carefull for a while after puting it on as it stays wet for a while but it comes on nice and dark. bit clumpy but - covers lashes completley - the aim, emphasis.


dual feeling

Reviewer1803542发表于 4月 28, 2012

I have dual feeling about that product... From one hand i like that it makes my lashes so much longer, i like the little mirror on the tube, i love the price and the fact that it is organic. But i noticed that when i am wearing that mascara my eyes become more sensitive to the sun and itch if they get wet when i blink. I am not sure it is caused by mascara though. Also with my previous mascaras i was getting a headache after i wear them all day long, with this one i got no headaches. So generally i like it and will be using it


easy to apply

Reviewer3363839发表于 4月 30, 2010

Gives natural look


Works well

Reviewer1542595发表于 6月 01, 2010

Haven't used it much well, but seems to work well and is a more natural option than the big brands.


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