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Bladder Infections, Male Cat UTI, Diverticulitis

Reviewer3020809发表于 Mar 21, 2012

This product helps stop an oncoming bladder infection in its tracks for me, usually just two capsules. I give this as a preventative to a male cat that had frequent bladder infections. This product was part of the initial treatment he was on; it was not what stopped the bladder infections. I had to seek the help of a homeopath, which healed our cat. I continue this product for support, 1/2 capsule 3x/week. It has very little taste, so Maxwell does not mind in his wet food. My boyfriend uses this when his old diverticulitis flares up from stress. Stops the pain very quickly. He previously would buy cranberry concentrate for flare ups, but that is so expensive, and so tart. This is much more sensible and requires a lot less to do the job. I like because it's veggie caps.


Best Cranberry capsule

Reviewer2403554发表于 May 12, 2006

Eclectic Institute is totally organic and is the most potent cranberry I've ever used. The cranberry is so fresh that the capsules are bright red. Excellent for keeping yourself free of urinary tract infections!


Cranberry Capsules

Reviewer2316964发表于 Nov 13, 2007

Easy to swallow, they work and our priced just right!


Really helped me!

Reviewer2768108发表于 Jan 18, 2008

Used Eclectic Institute cranberry for recent bladder infection. Worked beautifully!


3 weeks still haven't seen the improvement

Reviewer2771386发表于 Oct 10, 2011

I purchased this product because it is organic and its impresive process description. I hope this product will help me sleep through the night without getting up to the bathroom. I have been taking it 2 caps a day for the last 3 weeks, but I haven't notice any dramatic improvement. I will try it for 8 weeks and see if it works for me.


iHerb's Price Best on This Hard To Find Product

Reviewer1559636发表于 Apr 03, 2008

This is the only organic dried whole extract of cranberry I have ever been able to find. A family member with an indwelling catheter who suffers from longstanding urinary infections with chronic multiple and drug resistent organisms has seen a very significant reduction in infectious flares requiring the use of antiobiotics since taking just one capsule of this product daily with vitamin C and probiotics.


Wonderful cranberry product

Reviewer1039542发表于 Nov 18, 2008

The best I've found so far!


fine, fresh, effective

Reviewer1587798发表于 Nov 06, 2009

If you do not drink cranberry juice, or cannot find it with low sugar, 2 of these a day are the best thing. I have no problem recommending any of Eclectic Institute's herbs, usually vegetarian and organic, as in this case.


good formula

Reviewer1520243发表于 Dec 21, 2009

I am happy with this product


Great products

Reviewer1106421发表于 Apr 14, 2010

No filers, bnders, etc. & pretery clean product.


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