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Great Product

5510197091048302845发表于 Dec 28, 2013

Since the birth of my baby a year ago I have not been able to have a BM without laxatives. This product enables me to have a BM daily without the use of laxatives. It did take a couple of days to work. Just stick with it.


Good product

4949896473163194959发表于 Feb 09, 2015

This product is good, because it combines the whole 3 essential ingredients (green hull of the black walnut, wormwood and clothes) into one single tablet form (instead of having to take 3 separate tablets) and in a course that will last for at least 2 weeks. Not only this, the ingredients are "freeze dried" which is something that Dr Hulder Clark recommends, as it preserves the effectiveness of the black walnut making it more potent and powerful. If this wasn't enough, the tablets come in a vegetable capsule- ideal for veggies like me and very considerate of the manufacturer. Not only that there is evidence that the product seems to be working and flushing out anything "unusual" from my digestive tract.


Great Company and Product

Reviewer1077964发表于 Nov 14, 2008

Very Fresh and Effective


intestinal cleanse

marianF发表于 Sep 21, 2014

I've been fighting against candida overgrowth for quite some time and after having tried every antifungal out there with limited success, I decided to give this product a try, after reading that whatever kills parasites kills candida, as well.Also, because it is said that if you have candida you most likely have parasites, too.Unfortunately, this supplement had little impact on my candida symptoms, despite combining it with diet and probiotics.As for parasites, I dont know what they look like, but many reviewers report seeing white dots in the toilet during their cleanse and I certainly saw plenty of those.I give this product 4 stars as I think it's an effective parasite cleanser.Also because it's a clean product, cointaining just 3 herbs that target parasites and no fillers or other ingredients.The usage instructions are not very specific, so I went for the maximum dose, 3 per day, which I took all at once, in the evening and on an emty stomach.Will I buy this product again?In all likelihood, yes, maybe once a year as I have pets and those with pets are supposed to be susceptible to parasites.


Pretty good

Reviewer1276926发表于 Jul 31, 2011

Can't complain...I feel like this is cleaning things out. I started with one a day, but couldnt tell much...then 2 a day. Don't take them at night - they will keep you up because of the activity they cause.


wormwood and black walnut

Reviewer1543562发表于 Feb 27, 2012

it seems to work fine.


parasite cleanse

5280615812874896036发表于 Jul 09, 2014

I cannot rate this product because it did nothing for me. It didn't help with candida either.



Reviewer1301066发表于 May 27, 2013

Sweet Wormwood (artemisia annua) can cause hearing disturbance. I noticed a strange feeling in one ear and what seemed like very minor temporary hearing loss. I decided against taking a 2nd pill! I've done the black walnut, wormwood (Eclectic Institute make a good tincture sold here) and cloves in high doses separately.



Reviewer1729995发表于 Sep 12, 2011

This product is great.


Intestinal support

Reviewer1499055发表于 Jan 23, 2007

gives me more energy


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