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This product has been a life saver

Reviewer3128258发表于 Dec 23, 2009

I've lived with years of major connective tissue diseases and all the Western medicines that docotors instisted I take . . . then, my liver got sluggy I could barley stay awake and felt like I had hepatitus all the time. My eyes were jaundised and and I was naucious all the time. My liver also got dangerously fatty, hard and bloated, I was starting to fail seriously. Started taking this brand of milk thistle and in a few months the western doctors were blown away that my liver was doing so much better without surgery or major RX intervention. They can't wrap thieir heads around it, but my alternitive health care providers and I just nod our heads and smile. I recovered my energy levels and got rid of the nausia, bloating and yellow eyes. The scans show my liver is less fatty and on its way to healing up. This Eclectic Institute product is superiour to other milk thistle products I have tried over the years. I stick to what works best and your company had a very fair price (less expensive than other sites). Thanks for carrying such a good array of superior products.


Eclectic Milk Thistle

Reviewer2143987发表于 Dec 23, 2009

I've tried several different milk thistle products but this one by Eclectic has shown to be the most effective and with immediate results. iHerb also has the best price on the large size. I have looked everywhere it is offered and this is by far the best price for this exceptional product.


Eclectic Institute Milk Thistle

Reviewer2432613发表于 Nov 02, 2007

This product cleared hives in a couple of hours. If you have digestive problems, you may have toxins in your system, and milk thistle cleans the liver. It is good for treatment or maintenance.


Very Pure, mild but effective!

Reviewer3294135发表于 Jun 01, 2012

I gave this to my Cat who was diagnosed with lymphoma to protect his liver from the harsh meds that the vet put him on. He was no longer lethargic after taking these and i could tell that he felt a lot better. I later weaned him off the vet meds since it was making him weaker, continued the sylimarin and added egcg green tea extract for 1 week hoping to stop the cancer from spreading. I stopped the green tea extract after 1 week but continued the sylimarin and replaced the green tea with Cat's claw/alkaloids extract for the next 1 + week, giving him extra water by needless syringe throughout. He is now in remission, the lymph nodes became smaller and he is no longer in need of chemo. I still give him this milk thistle as it seems to help overall health and recovery and he now runs around like a kitten.


Great product!

Reviewer2323196发表于 Feb 09, 2013

The very best Milk Thistle supplement available, in my opinion. I recommend it to many people and I love the veggie gel caps! I tried to find the highest potency available for milk thistle and this was it! I will definately keep using it. I recommended it to a friend going through cancer chemo and many other drugs, and her doctors couldn't believe how well it saved her liver from all those meds! She went from looking very scary in the liver to looking GREAT in a short time with using this product.


Best I can locate

Reviewer2705986发表于 Nov 20, 2007

EI is a company with excellent herbs. This product has been just as good as the rest I have used from EI.


Great Liver support

Reviewer1283136发表于 Mar 27, 2007

I've been taking Milk Thistle for a long long time with different manufacturers and this brand is a very good quality and does an excellent job of supporting the liver with many benefits.


The only milk thistle that really works

Reviewer2940089发表于 Feb 19, 2008

I have found this extract to really work. I can feel a difference. I have made it part of my daily diet and find the non-processed milk thistle to be much more agreeable with my body than the partial extract I had taken in the past.


Very Good Product

Reviewer3317522发表于 Jun 02, 2010

Whenever I feel I need a little liver cleanse, I take this and within a week, my energy returns. Good quality. The only complaint is that the label on the bottles eventually fall off.


Easier on my lower GI

Reviewer2012636发表于 Aug 10, 2010

I have been dealing with liver issues for years. Blood work is coming back 100% Normal.


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