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Fanstastic product

Reviewer1093619发表于 Mar 13, 2009

I started using this for hot flashes. 3 droppers 2x day (mixed with orange juice) and my hot flashes have disappeared! Just like magic. I am thrilled. Before taking motherwort, I was having hot flashed every hour, all day long.


Helps with my heart pain and palpitations

Reviewer2098910发表于 Dec 03, 2014

As of this review I am a 27 y/o, 5'4" 125lb female. I have had heart issues, namely arrhythmia since I was a child. Recently it has become worse, causing frequent pain and a feeling that my heart is going to beat out of my chest. I take this along with Hawthorn when I have palps or pain and it helps within minutes. I hope my review is helpful to someone. Peace and love to all of you.



4904566694173742414发表于 Jun 20, 2012

Great for lower blood pressure, lowering heart rate, reducing anxiety, as a sleep aid. men and women can take it. My son takes it when his Tourette's tics get very bad just a few drops under the tongue mixed with a few drops of Wood Betony.The Wood Betony works wonderful in conjuction with the Motherwort and it also takes the sting and bad taste out of the Motherwort.So Put the Wood Betony under your tongue first ;)


great product!!

Reviewer1585495发表于 Mar 14, 2010

I could feel a big difference in my energy levels since I have started taking motherwort in the morning. A lot of energy during the whole day (I knew that it improves circulation but I did not expect such a difference!) I am taking it in combination with Royal Jelly from Now Foods. I experienced some trouble sleeping when I was taking the product 3 times daily, so I reduced the quantity.


A word from the nutritionist

Reviewer1845993发表于 Jan 27, 2008

Wonderful for palpitations & heart arrhythmia and of course organic is best.


This stuff works!

Reviewer2194020发表于 Nov 13, 2008

Been taking this and Natrol Menopause for a few weeks (daily) now. Night sweats are gone! Just don't miss a day, you will notice.


wonderful product

Reviewer1555532发表于 Dec 28, 2007

Motherwort has proven to be very effective for various cardiac symptoms that I have experienced. I love this product.


positive results from mother wort

Reviewer3051354发表于 Jan 15, 2008

I took motherwort for menopausal palpitations. I used it with valerian and rescue remedy and had a positive result. It took about 30 minutes to work. I was happy with the results and I would take it again if needed. Thank you.


I take this 3 times each day

Reviewer1666268发表于 Jan 16, 2014

I had some episodes of really irregular heartbeats off and on for months. Taking this has stopped all that.


Great stuff!

Reviewer1902741发表于 Jul 02, 2009

I'm using this product to help alleviate hot flashes due to menopause. It seems to work really well. The hot flashes have already started to lessen in intensity and duration, and this is only my 3rd week of using it. The only thing that was difficult for me to get used to was putting the Motherwort into something warm to drink. I tried to put it into warm water as the bottle suggested, but I didn't like the taste. I found it helpful to put it into my flavored coffee in the morning instead. Overall: Great product!


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