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A very good natural fabric softener

5250129146369504341发表于 Nov 17, 2014

I have used Ecover Morning Fresh (pink cap) fabric softener briefly in the past. I must say I prefer Morning Fresh, although Sunny day has a little stronger fragrance, so it lingers for a little longer than the other one on your clothes. But both scents do not linger on clothes as long as regular chemical fabric softeners. Both kinds don't have a perfect score on EWG's guide to cleaning products, but it's not too bad either. I am temporarily living in South Korea, and I have to use fabric softener here (mostly because I don't have a dryer), and I was using a regular chemical one. I read that they have icky chemicals and can clog your pores (among other harmful things they can cause), so I wanted a natural one. I'm hoping this will work, and so far, it seems to be doing a fine job. It's thicker than regular fabric softeners, so it doesn't completely wash out of the dispenser in the washing machine. There is usually some residue behind, but not much of a problem.


Also great for cloth diapers

4925334386121727595发表于 Jan 08, 2016

Ecover is a wonderful natural fabric softener that works almost as well as the commercial stuff without all of the harsh additives that you may not want in your clothes. I also used this on my cloth diapers since our hard water made them a bit stiff. My diapers were nice and soft and it didn't cause any repelling like commercial softeners can. I love Ecover!


nice crisp smell

5289058485273411575发表于 May 10, 2016

good softner. do the job well. smells nice.


smells good

Reviewer1427486发表于 Jul 28, 2011

smells fresh, not too overpowering, and no itchies or rashes from my hyper-sensitive skin :)


Ecover Fabric Softener

Reviewer3160173发表于 Aug 29, 2011

It seems to work fine. No better or worse than store brands. Does not leave behind a scent once dry unless you use a lot, which I don't. I only use the recommended amount. The plus is..no silicones or petroleum based ingredients. I also recieved my order in a timely fashion intact. Nothing was damaged or spilled.



Reviewer1084414发表于 Jan 23, 2012

this is ok for me


Lovely scent!

Zihuana发表于 Aug 05, 2012

I´m very sensitive to odors and was a bit concerned about this one since it felt so strong at first, but I just love the scent of it on the washed laundry! It's still quite strong, but fortunately for me I love it, a lot! It says 1-2 capfuls on the package but for me max 1capful is enough for 4-5kg (8-12lbs) laundry.


Good product

Reviewer3091617发表于 Jan 15, 2013

I haven't found a natural fabric softener that works as well as the unnatural kind. But, this one works pretty well and we'd definitely purchase it again.


always use!

5235358152041489925发表于 Mar 20, 2014

i always use it for my baby cloths. smell is so fresh.


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