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Gout Help!

mehmetgok发表于 Dec 16, 2013

This is a wonderful Organic Tart Cherry Butter. Note that no extra sugar is added to this product. Hoving said that, it is best to limit daily consumption to 1 tablespoon (16 grams) since it is 50% sugar. Over four pounds of cherries in each jar so one tablespoon is equal to quarter pound of tart cherries. Tart cherries are especially potent for gout attacks and gout maintenence. I triple my consumption during an attack. One tablespoon on empty stomach 1 hour before each meal. You should expect pain relief in 48 hours. Cherries are now on top of my list as a natural remedy because they work brilliantly. Tart cherries are better than Black cherries but they do the trick as well. Tart cherries have melatonin in them as a bonus which aids with the sleep. It does very little to lower the serum uric acid levels in my experience but helps with the overall inflammation during maintenance and pain during an attack brilliantly. I started using iHerb to be my own doctor and overwhelm my health issues instead of being overwhelmed by them. Check out my iHerb page for my progress and more reviews on various supplements, beauty and grocery products.


Natural and fresh - as good as it gets

NarnianGirl发表于 Apr 05, 2011

Lovely tart taste, cherry goodness with no added sugars - delicious!


I love this product!

owlsrwise发表于 Sep 19, 2011

and it loves me (the tart cherries are good for inflammatory pain and they have melatonin in them). But the main reason I love organic tart cherry butter is it tastes good. I have it with almond butter on rice cakes and on cheese & crackers. It's a treat because it is pricey but the food value is great - organic & no sugar - just cherries :)


Just cherries!

MissyK发表于 Jan 19, 2014

This product is great because it only has 1 ingredient! Tart cherries.


So good for me

Reviewer1373052发表于 Jul 05, 2011

Yes, it's tart, but so good for me and my aching joints. Easier to take than a lot of tart cherry juice. Great on toast.


Super sour hard to eat more than a teaspoon tip

PurplePegasus发表于 Dec 06, 2011

It's very tart, as in sour. Not unpleasant but very strong so it's hard for me to eat more than the tip of a teaspoon. I have no idea if this has any health benefits but I do wonder how it could due that it's cooked and all enzymes and antioxidants are destroyed. And how can they cook this without water? Also my jar was extremely hard to get open, it was stuck. Having said all this, it gets 5 stars for being organic and having no corn-based (read gen. engineered) citric acid.



5637227504978952810发表于 Jul 04, 2014

This is the first time I've ever tried cherry butter. It is so delicious! I've been taking a concentrated cherry juice for joint problems and it was effective. But this is a much better taste. It is sour of course, but I like that. It really is very good and actually feels like a treat. I look forward each day to having a spoonful. Will definitely buy again! :-)



Reviewer1957684发表于 Dec 12, 2011

Proper natural cherry taste, no added sugar or nasties! Perfection :o)


Cherry Butter

Reviewer2953137发表于 Oct 10, 2011

Take this before I go to bed at night, hoping it will help me sleep and help with any pain I have.


Tastes yummy and works for sore muscles.

Reviewer1639408发表于 Oct 17, 2011

I love Eden spreads because they don't add any sugar. They don't add citric acid either. It's just fruit--nothing else. Try the apple butter. It's great too, just apples.


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