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  • This product was formerly called Meal Time Digestive Enzymes

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    Reviewer3112496发表于 6月 02, 2009

    I have tried a few digestive enzymes and this is by far the most effective and value for money. iherb has the best price and customer service. Products tried so far: Garden of Life Ω-Zyme Ultra, Rainbow Light Advanced Enzyme System, Rainbow Light Enzymend, Now Foods Optimal Digestive System)


    Best enzyme

    Reviewer1404401发表于 7月 13, 2009

    I have been using this for 2-3 months and like it. Used to take mega-zyme from the same company. It worked too but I like this better. It is quicker, and as a capsule, I think more is absorbed. As usual, iHerb has a good price and great service. Hope this helps.


    I have used this for years

    Reviewer3170662发表于 11月 19, 2008

    I started using this digestive enzyme 12 years ago and it is still the best one for me. A good comprehensive enzyme.


    Makes a big difference with my digestion

    Reviewer1703685发表于 11月 11, 2010

    I was diagnosed with non-specific gastroparesis and GERD and decided to try enzymes for the first time. I was wary at first that they would help but I have noticed a very big difference with my digestion. It does sometimes make my stomach gurgle a lot at times, but I notice more movement in my digestive tract since using this product and haven't used my Prilosec since using this product. Great Price on this product compared to health food stores!!



    Reviewer2943286发表于 3月 26, 2010

    This is the only digestive enzyme that agrees with me, I am grateful that you carry it. when I ran out, and had to eat without it, I noticed what a huge difference it makes! I also love that it is vegetarian, because I do not tolerate ox bile or pancreatin from animal sources, both of which are often found in digestive enzymes.


    Great Enzymes

    Reviewer1708333发表于 6月 13, 2009

    I have tried many different types of enzymes nnd I have noticed the best results with CompieteGest; Thanks.


    Great Product and Cheep from I Herb

    Reviewer2280023发表于 1月 25, 2008

    These make any meal easier to digest and are completely plant based! Go out to Denny's, eat a huge meal, pop 8 of these during the meal, and you'll feel like you have the digestion of a teenager! Really!


    Digestive problems helped

    Reviewer2081396发表于 11月 27, 2007

    This product definitely helps me with digestive problems. It was recommended by my MD to take digestive enzymes and my Naturopath to take them within a specific criteria of ingredients. This product fits the bill and does a great job for me.


    Go to enzyme

    Reviewer1052411发表于 8月 25, 2012

    Take 2 with each meal and have better digestion with all foods. Also take 1 between meals for the systemic effect. Random lumps and bumps (old scar tissue) are diminishing in size, so it is working for me.


    Best Enzyme I've Used

    Reviewer3205903发表于 9月 02, 2012

    I can tell a difference when taking these. Also, try taking them if feeling nauseous due to flu - my sister and I have both taken them when sick and it seems to really clear up the nausea and make your tummy feel normal!


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