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Blessed Relief

Reviewer2128490发表于 7月 15, 2010

A favorite product for many years now. With celiac and having had ulcers, this is the most natural stomach healer I can recommend. Strong licorice taste is quickly offset by remarkable results. Ideal for those who suffer from digestive complaints and even acid reflux.


Helps out with digestion

Reviewer1553885发表于 4月 30, 2008

It's not, by any means, a fix for GERD symptoms, but it does lessen them. While some people derride the taste, I actually like it.


Works great

Reviewer1327155发表于 12月 17, 2007

Enzymatic Therapy DGL works great for acid reflux. I have tried other brands and find I prefer the taste and texture of this one. Also, if you don't care for the anise flavor, ET makes a chocolate flavored one.


Soothing licorice

Reviewer2777181发表于 12月 15, 2011

Works great to ease my chronic gastritis.


Heatburn relief

5673557054650341004发表于 7月 10, 2014

Using it for heartburn and it works very well for me.


Fantastic taste! I eat them like sweets :-)

5217047130740252518发表于 9月 05, 2014

The absolute BEST tasting DGL ever - and my favourite. Works quickly & effectively to neutralise stomach acid. You won't need to take PPI's if you take these.


so far work well on me

5448555595884446633发表于 9月 01, 2015

I am a intestinal metaplasia patient, suffer with heartburn all the time. Been study few books regarding heartburn as well as from internet, found DGL on those information. Looking around in my country, unfortunately non of them selling this natural herbs. Finally I found this on iherb and glad my country in the delivery list. I began with 1 tablet before meal to make sure my stomach can tolerance with it. The taste is acceptable for me. I doesn't feel any different until one day I was in terrible heartburn and gastric. I took 1 tablet and feel so much better within short time. For sure I will continue.


Horribly sweet

Reviewer1579323发表于 8月 14, 2013

I was not expecting the sweetness. Have tried many supplements but nothing comes close to this. This cannot be good for health. I am returning all 4 bottles. Very disappointed with this purchase.


Immediate relief

Reviewer2169605发表于 12月 01, 2013

I take these in the morning right after my 'empty stomach' supplements. I used to have such a terrible time with those now no problem to wait til I'm supposed to eat, and doesn't interfere with the effectiveness with the other supplements. I have yet to try them before every meal, but have taken them instead of antacids when having occasional problems after eating, and they take me from doubled over to ok in minutes. I haven't tried sugarless or ultra but these taste good, and noticed ultra has less glycine, plus not always in the mood for chocolate, so will stick with these. Thanks iHerb! :-)


Good for Reflux

Jasmine44发表于 2月 03, 2014

This DGL is helping my husband cut back & hopefully get off entirely the Prilosec that he has been taking for way too long. He also uses Lily of the Desert Aloe Inner Fillet & mastic gum. Hoping it is a long term solution.


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