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  • 明胶胶囊来源于鱼类。

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    These are effective -

    LadyShopper发表于 3月 17, 2010

    My husband had some problems with some awful gastric disturbances and constipation a couple of months ago. In spite of his using his usual remedies like metamucil, mineral oil, etc., nothing seemed to help much and the problems would recur. He's been taking the Enzymatic Therapy Pearls IC for a little more than a month now, and he's had no more problems with either the gastric disturbances or the constipation. Apparently this product works quite well. (It worked for him within a week).


    Gems of the Sea

    Reviewer3221151发表于 5月 29, 2010

    These little pearls are easy to take, unlike so many other supplements that a horse would have trouble swallowing. I cannot speak for the product's effectiveness, however, as I bought it for my son and haven't tried it. He hates swallowing supplements, and he doesn't mind these at all. If they work, I'll order more. Packaging is quality. I noticed it was manufactured in Japan instead of China (!) A REAL PLUS as I've found Japanese products to be of superior quality.


    My favorite probiotic!!!

    Reviewer3097292发表于 7月 01, 2010

    I take this every morning, and it helps to relieve symptoms of acid reflux. I've never noticed this benefit from any other probiotic. This is a 'feel the difference' product for me! Wouldn't be without it!


    Best of the pearls

    derbyjean发表于 5月 10, 2010

    I believe these are the best of the pearls as I feel best when I take these.


    Suits you sir!

    Reviewer1748200发表于 7月 14, 2010

    Japanese quality. Excellent product. And the price is great too. This helped me to greatly to get rid of IBS. Gave one pack to my friend and after 2 days he came to me and said that all the stomache after eating was gone as well as the feeling of acidity. Pearls IC is easy to take, its small and you can take it anytime. Even with food. Can't go wrong with this one.


    Best Stuff Around

    Reviewer1975978发表于 11月 27, 2010

    I've tried other probiotics but this seems to be the best. It's got extra stuff in there that others don't. Really helps with my digestion.


    So far, so good

    Reviewer1477814发表于 9月 19, 2011

    I switched to these from a refridgerated Natren brand. It's been about 45 days, and so far they appear to be just as effective as the refridgeted ones, only more convienent.


    love these!

    Reviewer2155710发表于 5月 02, 2011

    I try different probiotics and keep coming back to this one!


    Enzymatic Therapy, Pearls IC Probiotics (EMT-04369)

    Reviewer1104820发表于 12月 31, 2010

    Taken once every morning this product noticeably reduces my bloating. It's very practical as the pills are tiny and don't need refrigeration.


    Good value

    Reviewer1607310发表于 5月 26, 2010

    Hard to know if something like this works, but I seem to be having positive results. I am continuing to use these every day.


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