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Working great for my migraines!

Reviewer3239710发表于 9月 16, 2006

I did a lot of research into a reputable brand of butterbur. It is important to go with a trusted company, because there are harmful components in butterbur that must be extracted be it can be used. Petadolex is an excellent brand. I started taking the butterbur about a month ago and my migraines have decreased in both frequency and intensity. I have tried so many medications to prevent my migraines, and so far this has been the most effective. The only side effect is occasional burping, but it is not that noticeable -- and much better than having a headache--or the side effects of medications like Relpax! I've never written a review like this before, but I have hope that butterbur will help people suffering migraines like me.


Amazing Results!

Reviewer1240315发表于 8月 31, 2008

My chronic migraines with related sinus inflamation were triggered by the slightest change in weather conditions. The migraine frequency had escalated to the point that it was rare for me to have a truly pain-free day. I was initially disappointed with this product as it seemed not to help, but after faithfully taking it for several months, my headaches gradually reduced in frequency and severity to the extent that now I think I may actually be completely free of them!!! If you have headaches - give this a try!


Enzymatic Therapy, Petadolex Pro - Active, Seems to Be Working!

Reviewer2927939发表于 8月 22, 2008

I have suffered from debilitating migraines for the past couple of years. As my healthcare provider doesn't cover acupuncture (which had been helping me) I decided to look into alternate, natural methods to help alleviate my migraines. I had also been taking Maxalt MLT, but was leery of what side effects this might be causing on my body. I was getting migraines at least once a week and felt that I couldn't keep living like that. After reading about the potential benefits of Petadolex in a few online articles, I decided to give this a try. I've used an entire jar now, going by the 3 pill a day instructions and am elated to report that I haven't had one migraine during this time. I don't believe in miracles, but this truly seems to be working for me! What's more, stress had been a major factor in my migraines and we are currently buying our first house- talk about a stressful situation! I think that, had I not been taking this, I would have had quite a few migraines during this time. I would highly recommend that someone who suffers from chronic migraines give it a shot (and remember to follow the instructions as listed on the bottle!)



Reviewer3279826发表于 12月 06, 2011

This stuff has finally given me a toe hold on my chronic migraine condition. This is the first stuff to have touched my pain, including standard migraine medicines. As a bonus, it I haven't experienced my seasonal allergies this fall. I think this herb is helping with that, too!



Reviewer3204026发表于 2月 08, 2008

This product has reduced the frequency and severity of my migraines. This is the most success I have had in my 30 year struggle to deal with this debilitating problem.


Enzymatic Therapy, Petadolex

Reviewer1626386发表于 11月 27, 2007

Don't have to take Relpax for migraines anymore! I take 2 on a daily basis. I still get close to migraines once in a while but can manage that with regular painkiller (ibuprofen).



Reviewer1722141发表于 7月 05, 2008

wonderful, but you do taste it a little in burping. I use it for sinus allergies and migraines



Reviewer2532057发表于 10月 03, 2009

excellent product and less expensive than other brands.


Migraine headaches

Reviewer2870044发表于 7月 05, 2010

My migraines have decreased dramatically since taking this product. Excellent, I will keep on taking it.


Helps Prevent Migraines

Reviewer1369351发表于 12月 02, 2010

My neurologist recommended these and after 6 weeks I noticed a reduction in the number of migraine episodes. I take other "preventative" supplements, but these are the first where I have noticed a measurable difference.


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