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The Best Enzyme

Reviewer2110824发表于 7月 15, 2007

This product has literally given a portion of our lives back. My 2 sons ages 5 and 6 and I are all allergic/intolerant to many foods: citrus, gluten, super amine responders, all sugars, potatoes, rice, certain oils, all dyes and chemicals, dairy and more. We can eat most of those foods again with little or no reaction. It does not, however work on chemicals or dyes and so we stay away from those. I would definitely recommend this product.


probably the best

Reviewer1092290发表于 1月 28, 2007

When I worked in a supplement store before, I noticed this product and Garden of Life's OmegaZyme were very close in the potency and broad range of different enzymes included. More recently I looked at the new improved version of OmegaZyme and couldn't help but notice that while the amount of most enzymes were comparable, this one has a lot more cellulase. (3000 vs. 725 cu in the OmegaZyme) Being a vegetarian I want that support for digesting the cellulose in plant foods, and practically speaking I also feel it is very effective when I do take it. Aside from the cost which is higher, you really can't go wrong with this one.


Digest Gold

Reviewer1876584发表于 4月 10, 2008

I love this product. I used to have so many stomach issues and the doctors couldn't figure out why. Finally a blood analyst told me that my blood showed that my body wasn't digesting proteins and sugars, etc. When you don't digest those, it causes serious bloating and gas. He suggested Digest Gold, and I have been taking it ever since. On occasion I will forget to take it, and I suffer big time. It is a great product and I think anyone with digestion issues should try it.


Changed my life!!

Reviewer2414670发表于 9月 13, 2008

I have had MS for 17 years and have now gone all natural instead of drugs and never realized how digestive enzymes would make such a difference in my gut and overall health. I just returned to clinical nursing after 9 years on disability and I thank God for allowing me to do this and I thank Iherb.com for making it affordable to take the supplements I need!!



Reviewer1747652发表于 2月 12, 2007

if you suffer from gas, indigestion, bloating, etc. this is the product for you. I thank God for directing me to Digest Gold -- you'll feel the difference.


can sleep all night now

Reviewer3069232发表于 5月 31, 2007

I really had problems w/ food bev's tried alot of things . But my niece Denisa told me about this great product digest gold so I bought it. Now I don't every wake up at night w/ heart burn ,gas etc. I eat anything Drink anything & haven't had ONE problem since the first pill. THANK YOU for selling it. Suesan GA.


the best

Reviewer1034218发表于 8月 07, 2008

Excellent formula. I can't handle any kind of sugar, including fruit, which most formulas have. Digest Gold has an enzyme for anything, but no fruit based enzymes, so this is the formula for me & anyone who reacts to most foods,


Digest Gold Review

Reviewer1260279发表于 1月 10, 2007

For the past 3 years I have tried several different digestive aids and Digest Gold is, by far, the best I have tried. I take one with each meal and have a much better balance in my digestive system now.


A Must Have Product!

Reviewer2605937发表于 1月 09, 2008

This product is one of the best supplements I have found for health benefits. I have had bad food allergies for the last 8 years and have been on a restrictive diet ever since. With Digest Gold, I can eat just about anything I want, although, I still eat healthy. This product has also cleared up candida related issues and made me feel much stronger. I give my son this product also because certain foods would make him really congested and if I give him this before he eats, no more congestion. Anyone with food allergies knows how hard it is to eat out or enjoy the holidays and worry about every little ingredient in each dish. It is very freeing to not deal with this issue anymore. This is a must have product for my family.


Gold not totally golden

Reviewer1999658发表于 5月 14, 2009

Ordering Digest Gold instead of regular Digest was a mistake as the capsules are much thicker and take longer to break down than regular Digest. I experience no effect of the "Gold" product unless I first hold it in my mouth 1-3 MINUTES until the capsule begins to soften prior to swallowing. Regular Digest worked great but I sometimes take 2 with meals (I wanted to replace with one of the Gold tabs.) It's capsule dissolves quickly and releases the enzymes easier.


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