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Stevia Herb

4814445159105978066发表于 Nov 02, 2013

Very good quality and fast international delivery!



4893821711420793057发表于 Jul 26, 2013

I was extremely disappointed by the stevia the site doesnt show muchthat it is herbal i was lookiing for stevia powder WHITE and i was extremely disappointed moreover your average weight for shipping is a ripoff


Good Value

4627942154105432985发表于 Jun 27, 2013

The amount you get for the money is great!


Know what you're buying!

Reviewer3131261发表于 Apr 05, 2013

This is the PURE stevia leaf, dried up and powdered! It's not an extract, it's the real deal! It doesn't work well for cooking, and it tastes totally different than the extract. Having said that, I love this stuff! At first I thought it tastes a bit strange, but it grew on me. It definitely has the sweet satisfying factor to me, and I can go without honey/maple syrup once I put this in my drink. I got used to it after a few days of using it. A side benefit is that it helps my stomach feel better as well, and I'm sure it's alkalizing due to it's 'greenness'. Very good stuff for the price, and organic! You only need 1/4 of a teaspoon per cup.. don't put too much or it will not taste good because it will be too strong! I used 1 pound in about 1 year.


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An excellent source of whole leaf Steva, for its health benefits, and sweeteninng

GODisLife发表于 Mar 14, 2013

I have recently begun using this whole leaf Stevia powder (it's green, and has plant fiber in it) in my "Nescafé Cassico" instant coffee, with hot water which I keep in my thermos(s) after boiling filtered water. I find it is especially very sweet and enjoyable after steeping a while (I have a single cup electric warmer made by Corning Ware and a large Corning Ware cup with a cover, which is sold as a set). Reading research herbal data (rain-tree.com/stevia), you will find many health benefits attributed to the whole leaf of the Steva plant. After I purchased the "Frontier Natural Products" whole leaf Steva powder, from iHerb.com, I removed the ground whole Steva powder from the sealed package, and store it in my own jar type container, to maintain freshness and for ease of use. The many negative reviews for natural Steva is unfortunate, as it is famous world wide for its fine health and sweetening qualities, and it is easily dissolved in a water solution, taken in capsules, or mixed into various foods. Just be patient. There are no known side effects, and in fact has been found to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti- fungal. The Japanese are reportedly the world's largest consumers of Steva products. It is commercially grown in Texas, Central America, South America, China, Israel, and still grows wild in parts of South America. It has also reportedly been widely used in Europe for several centuries, after its discovery by early explorers.


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Strange flavor

Reviewer2871626发表于 Nov 25, 2012

The product is exactly as advertised, but not jeopardizing their high sweetening power, personally I can not adapt myself to the strange flavor that gets in food


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ayahuasca发表于 Jul 06, 2012

the product itself is good, but somehow i do not like much the taste of the stevia.


Very disappointed!

5538878842716449104发表于 Apr 24, 2012

Similar comments as for the BetterStevia liquid, but there is also a musty, indescribable rather unpleasant taste. It also doesn't dissolve in the few liquids I've tried so far. I plan to try dissolving it in 'EverClear' just to see if that works since the BetterStevia lists that it contains alcohol.


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Reviewer1221498发表于 Apr 02, 2012

I make it in a coffee-maker and drink the filtered green liquid all the day. Very calming, relaxing, lowers the BP, blood sugar, and much more.


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wish it was sweet

Reviewer1483496发表于 Mar 27, 2012

Bought specifically for use in pitchers of tea. Has a real earthy taste. Only use 1/4 teaspoon per pitcher. Doesn't do a very good job making sweet tea. Have gotten use to it, because I found out how splenda was processed, and I can't use real sugar. Just wish it made my tea sweet.


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