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Convenient, Inexpensive Flavorful & Wholesome

Reviewer2100517发表于 Mar 25, 2012

Organic Powdered Tomato allows me to have tomatoes on hand for my recipes at a moments notice. Most tomato juice, paste, and many sauces come in plastic-coated cans, which are not good for your health. And this one-pound goes a long way.


Where does Tomato AND Guar Gum come from?

Sickness-ELIMINATOR发表于 Sep 25, 2014

WHY is it IMpossible to tell us: * Amount of Guar Gum? 'Ingredients: Organic tomato powder (organic tomato, guar gum)'. * Country of Origin - of Tomato AND Guar Gum? * Why Guar Gum? If you tell us a good reason WHY you add it, I'm Fine, but now you tell us NOTHING. Does it improve flow or is it unnecessary cheap filler? You can find BETTER products from my OTHER reviews.


works like a charm

Reviewer2105068发表于 Mar 14, 2012

This is great stuff. I like being able to have the option of adding tomato without having to resort to opening an entire can. I don't know why I waited so long to try it. I went out and picked up a nice glass container as I plan on keeping it on hand.


Would be better without guar gum

Reviewer1702441发表于 Jan 17, 2012

Nice for salads, spices etc.


Good taste

aromatherapy发表于 Feb 22, 2012

I like this alot and the taste is great. YOu can mix into anything for a great taste and extra nutrients. I like to sprinkle on my salads. sorta sweet sorta sour flavor.


I like this as added to chile beans.

GODisLife发表于 Jan 13, 2013

I add filtered water to a large cup and add the dry tomatoes. Stir well with the spoon until wet enough and add to the other ingredients. Hot fluids help it dissolve. I recommend it. The foil package is inconvenient but does keep it fresh until opened. A tie wrap can be used to close the open package, or repackage in another container, if you have one.


lable has been corrected

Reviewer2035801发表于 Feb 28, 2013

Another review referred to the inaccurate lable. That has now been updated. I just received a bag with the new lable, showing one serving as 1 T., 8 g.


Good tomato powder--organic, too!

Reviewer2734120发表于 Jan 01, 2012

I like to use this tomato powder to add a bit of tomato taste to a lot of dishes. It nicely adds a rich body to chili, and I regularly use it in rice dishes, as well. Best price I've found for organic tomato powder.


Misleading label

Reviewer1069028发表于 Sep 09, 2012

While the product itself works ok (tends to get hard though/clump even when kept in a tightly sealing glass jar), the big problem with this item is that the package is incorrectly labeled. Both Iherb and Frontier recognize this problem, but no one has done anything to fix the error on the site. The bag lists the serving as 1/4 cup, or 10 grams. The bag says it contains 453 grams. So, by my calculations it should contain ~40 servings, which makes it cheaper than using tomato paste in cooking. However, in reality there is only ~3.5 cups, which is 14 servings, which means I can buy organic tomato paste in a glass jar for a cheaper price than making my own from the powder. On the plus, it is convenient and you can get a strong tomato flavor without adding any additional liquid/texture.


from Russia

Reviewer1089231发表于 Sep 29, 2011

really good!


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