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Healthy & Tasty Tea...

PracticalReviews发表于 Oct 26, 2013

i use about 3g of elderberries to make a cup of great tea infusion,has a dark bluish color and smells and tastes sweet and delicious,i even eat the tiny berries at the end.in ancient times lots of cultures used it as a medicine against the flu and to strentghen the immune system.you can also use it to make a tincture or add it into a sweet beverage(after soaking it to make it softer) instead or in addition to raisins to smugle some health into the insubordinate of us like children etc....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Just as advertised, quick shipping

5254417401888889583发表于 Feb 10, 2013

The product was received quickly and was just as advertised, and were a good price for the quanity. The berries were used in a home-remedy solution for fighting the flu and worked as expected.


First Time Customer Review

4742074935793954567发表于 Nov 07, 2012

I initially ordered the Frontier Organic Whole Elderberries through iHerb because my main supplier was out of stock. I was concerned that this product would not compare in freshness and quality, but it definitely does. I put the berries from both companies side by side - Identical - I taste tested each - Both had just enough give to chew easily and tasted fresh and slightly tart/sweet. iHerb shipping was FAST! I will be checking out more of their products, comparing prices, quality, etc.


great quality berries

Reviewer2751912发表于 Mar 03, 2012

Good for tea, or rehydrated as berries.


Great for colds / immune system

Reviewer2202342发表于 Nov 02, 2011

We make syrup out of them


Elderberries are so good for you.

5109758534984918657发表于 Dec 09, 2013

I use elderberries for all sorts of things, and this is a good value for organic elderberries. I make cough/flu prevention syrup, drop a few in my kombucha and even make tea with these.



francesjoan发表于 Mar 29, 2014

Only a small handful of dried berries makes about 3-4 cups of I what I call a concentrate. I simmer for a few minutes,strain the berries and make two more batches with the same berries. Then I dispose of the berries. The tea is very dark purple blue color and lasts in the frig for several days. I add some of the concentrate to coffee and my green tea and chocolate drink. It's very low in natural fruit sugar which is great for us as we both have blood sugar issues. I rarely get flus but if I did have one I would use elderberry tea many times a day to see if it works for me to cut down on flu symptoms.


Nice and fragrant

Theeaglelover发表于 Dec 01, 2014

Nice fresh berries without artificial coloring Bought some so called wild berries that are from China at exorbitant price. At that sky high price would expect quality, but the manufacturers must be thinking they must doctor products more to make consumers feel worth it -The colour was just horribly artificial and wash out like paint" Am real glad to find this natural stuff. U can make yr own cordial by adding raw sugAr if u like. 价钱划算又没有加色



5258953930337092066发表于 Jan 08, 2015

I used tis to make elderberyy syrup, cure my little girl in a day. very pleased. wonderful product at reasonable price.and organic too



5450422080887372693发表于 Nov 20, 2015

This herb this amazing!! Using this herb stablized my husband's Stage 4 lung cancer. This herbs have proven that Cancer can be cured. It is better than taking the Chemo theraphy. I uses it also.


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