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Best Fiber Product I found!

Reviewer1882471发表于 6月 09, 2009

Love this product, no bloating! Good for your heart too!


Fibre e Omega 3

Reviewer1328873发表于 10月 29, 2009

Ottimo prodotto. Soddisfa le necessità giornaliere di fibre come pure dei preziosi Omega 3.


Best fiber product

Reviewer1223591发表于 10月 02, 2010

Among the nature fiber supplements we tried, this gives the best result.


Awesome Fiber!

Reviewer1117834发表于 10月 13, 2010

This is great. It has no flavor and I put it in juice everyday. I even hide it in brownies and cakes and my family never knows.


Chia Seeds

Reviewer1211097发表于 4月 21, 2010

I also blend Chia Fresh into a smoothie with other ingredients and the taste is delicious. My Naturopathic physician recommended it as an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.


Husbands dilema

Reviewer1127145发表于 5月 20, 2011

My hubby has been struggling with bowel issues for MANY years. After numerous tests,there are no allergies to food, no medical issues why he should not be regular. Prior to the ChiaFresh, he would take 4 Immoduim tablets a day, religiously. He started taking the ChiaFresh on May 6th,2011. He has cut back to 2 Immodium and he says he does feel a difference. He isn't thrilled about the grassy look and texture, but there is no taste. I bought him the small yogurt drinks, he mixes the ChiaFresh in it twice a day. I am happy to see the results so quick. Remember to not take it a few hours before bedtime as it will keep you up. I am hoping within a month, he will no longer need the Immodium. I am happy and impressed so far with it.


My dog Veterinarian

Reviewer3173839发表于 5月 06, 2010

My veterinarian of my Sheltie dog recommended me to get this Chia to mix with raw food twice a day to get more fiber. My dog, Jonny loves it and I am thankful for this. My veterinarian is Holistic and she knows that I want natural feeding and using supplements. I appreciate IHerb for fast delivery . Thanks, Judy


always excellent

Reviewer2183597发表于 6月 30, 2011

Love chia and love the simplicity of Gaia.


Love it!

Reviewer1148476发表于 8月 17, 2011

I like those ground chia seeds.I usually take a Tbs of them and flush them down with plenty water....there-my fiber intake:)


Not your mothers fber

Reviewer1103523发表于 11月 15, 2011

This product is tasteless and can be added to anything. My favorite is to make smoothies with it. The fact that the jar is biodegradable shows exceptional thought for the earth by the manufacturer. This product really works to keep me regular, is packed full of healthy omegas and is highly recommended by DR OZ!!


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