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This really works wonders

Reviewer3011216发表于 Jul 11, 2010

We all know how essential omega 3 is but a lot of the time its the source and quality of the oils used. This product uses high potency anchovies and sardine oils. But for me he best thing about this product is that it combines other ingredients which really do help things like Menopause and Hormonal problems. And for me being over 50 really makes my skin feel amazing I cannot recommend this product any higher, it really is that good.



Reviewer1447180发表于 Jul 23, 2011

Its approx. 5 weeks around since I started to use Healthy Hormones. I have never felt so calm, relaxed and in such harmony. Highly recommended also for 25+ ladies.


Exceptional Product

Reviewer2134056发表于 Jul 23, 2011

All the Garden of Life Omega 3s are exceptional!! No fishy or oily taste or after-you-swallow-it taste with this product. A couple of friends I have say that they get a slight strawberry-ish aftertaste (much better than fishy or oily). These are the best Omega 3s I've ever tried (and I've tried at least a dozen different brands - often very expensive ones).


Garden Of Life

rach241发表于 Nov 30, 2009

This is a great product! I sleep much better and I'm not as moody. I'm only 33 but I felt I needed something to help with my hormones after having three kids and this is a much better alternative then what my doctor wanted me to take.


Garden of Life, Oceans 3, Healthy Hormones with OmegaXanthin, 90 Softgels

Reviewer2757029发表于 Aug 10, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful...I am sleeping better and more energy.


Healthy Hormones

Reviewer1674665发表于 Aug 03, 2009

This product is wonderful if you are in your 40's and need help with Hormone changes. I feel awesome!!


great product

Reviewer1066214发表于 Oct 10, 2011

my sister tried and she did feel obvious reduction in the frequency of hot flashes.. thanks


Garden of Life Hormone support

Reviewer1449906发表于 May 05, 2012

I have used this product for years and would never run out. It addresses all menopausal issues and is very safe and effective. Those of you with hot flashes and forgetfulness, this product works like a dream. I love this manufacturer and highly recommend anything from Garden of Life.



Reviewer1347693发表于 Aug 27, 2013



Oceans 3 is good for me!!

Reviewer1503176发表于 Mar 12, 2012

Well, I knew I liked and trusted Garden of Life products anyway because I have used them...but I had no idea they would have something like this. I was preparing for a hysterectomy and knew my body was going to be going through lots of hormonal changes. I didn't want to have to take any estrogen or other Rx. I found this after searching menopause. I went ahead and ordered and started it a couple of days after my surgery and I just can't say enough great things about it. I love that it has the Fucothin (Xanthin) in it; this is also a wonderful product!! I have not had any night sweats or hot flashes and hopefully won't ever! I have forgotten to take a dose Oceans 3 one day and I could tell the difference...I didn't feel as good because of missing it. I started as directed w/one cap 3 times daily and I am up to 2 caps 3 times daily. Btw...no fishy aftertaste or fishy burps. This is a wonderful product. Also...I have lost 4 pounds since my surgery!!!! Go Oceans 3!!!! yeah!!!


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