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5 stars

Reviewer3265272发表于 6月 08, 2008

Garden of Life's Perfect Cleanse actually works very well. If it's a colon cleanse, forget it. You get them from the doctor every time you have a colonscopy. No "gunk" comes out and if it stayed behind the medical establishment would have noticed decades ago. Perfect Cleanse is the only product on the market that makes good physiological sense. In days past we would have consumed more fiber and automatically removed toxins on our own. Now we consume less fiber, absorb more of our bile (with toxins) and have a more of a toxic load than ever. The next best quality of Perfect Cleanse is that it doesn't make you sick or interupt your normal schedule. Everything works as normal because you are boosting your own system of elimenating toxins. The other good quality is it is inexpensive. As a registered dietitian and liscenced nutritionist I don't give out such reviews unless they are qualitively and quantitatively accurate. Not only have I felt better but mid way through the cleanse I had my monthly blood test which showed improvements in a number of health perameters. I'd give it 5 stars out of 5. I'm suprised, but delighted. I was hoping but not really expecting such good results.


Don't waste money buying this product!

Supplementsdiy发表于 11月 17, 2013

This is the first detox product that I had used. What is appealing about this product it is a 3 in 1 cleanse, instead of having to do a separate colon, liver and kidney detox separately. During the entire process (10 days), I don’t feel anything at all. This made me wonder if this product was either super gentle or did not work at all. Having personally tried Dr Schulze’s detox programme (known to be one of the strongest, if not strongest), I would say that this product does not work at all. The product does contain magnesium stearate in #1 & 3. Whether there is any health effects from magnesium stearate like claimed, it is highly debateable. Pricewise, it is very cheap that if it works for you. Check out my page for more reviews!


very gentle

Reviewer1198138发表于 10月 28, 2007

Give it a chance, great bargain; plus "Garden of Life" is such a quality company! It took 3 days, for me to feel better, now each day on it I get improvement. (take it from me I had liver damage from coffee, and prescriptions)


Must Try This Cleanse

Reviewer2592649发表于 1月 18, 2007

I have used other cleanse products, and this one was really good. It was very simple and didn't interrupt your day with bathroom trips. I found that #3 Remove that contained natural epsom salts as a natural laxative worked way better on me than the Senna which was in the other product i used. I had a headache the first couple of days but that is normal with a cleanse and the removal of toxins from your body and now after 6 days I have renewed energy and stamina which i had with my previous cleanse. Overall i recommend this cleanse. it's affordable, short duration, easy to use and does not interrupt your normal daily routine!


Garden of Life, Perfect Cleanse, 3 Easy Steps, 1 Complete Kit

Reviewer1115087发表于 12月 01, 2008

Very, Very good, easy on the colon, thorough cleaning.


Garden of Life - Perfect cleanse is a good experience

Reviewer1384762发表于 6月 10, 2008

Garden of Life - Perfect cleanse is a good experience. It made me move my bowel everyday, sometimes 2x a day without effort and no feeling of discomfort at all - no diarrhea feeling. Also, it helped me get rid of toxins inside my body. I really felt clean from within!


First time users

Reviewer1324131发表于 6月 11, 2008

My husband and I were very pleased at the gentleness of the product. This was the first time that my husband had cleansed, and with this product will be likely to do it again.


Garden of Life, Perfect Cleanse, 3 Easy Steps

Reviewer3357437发表于 4月 29, 2008

I have never used a colon cleans product before so I decided to go with this one. It was easy to use especially due to my busy schedule, and very gentle to my system. I highly recommend this product.


Perfect Cleanse

Reviewer2807997发表于 4月 13, 2009

Good price, works well, and is all-natural, with no harsh laxatives or other ingredients. Perfect Cleanse will not disrupt your daily routines. Perfect Cleanse works to detoxify the liver, while cleaning the intestines and colon at the same time. The product is taken at night, with three different stages taken before and after dinner, as well as before bed. Cleared up a few issues I'd been having, and I would definately use it again.


Garden of Life Cleanse

Reviewer1842394发表于 4月 19, 2009

I bought this cleanse for my elderly mother after an extended illness. I knew she would need a cleanse that was mild yet thurough and I beleive we have found a quality product that we can feel good about recommending. She and I both appreciate the simplisity and quality of this product. Price is very important to her, as she is on a limited income, and the price of this product is very reasonable.


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