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Great Liver Cleanse!!!

Reviewer3098379发表于 Jul 06, 2009

I have used this product 4-5 times with excellent results each time. It's great for cleasning the liver and elimination. The pills are easy to take, 1-2-3 prior, after dinner & before bedtime. I have more energy and know that my liver likes this totally herbal cleanse.


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The Perfect Dud!!

Reviewer2678051发表于 May 31, 2009

How do you spell, C-O-N-S-T-I-P-A-T-I-O-N!! I did not even complete this 10 day cleanse. On day one I felt some rumbling, and the next day was anticipating the bowel movement as the instructions stated, but that did not occur. On day four I felt constipated and let my intestinal tract work itself out by eating foods high in fiber (did not wish to go the way of the laxative). Obviously, this cleansing product did not work for me. I commend iHerb for its fast shipping and really great product offering.


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Pretty good

Reviewer2190645发表于 May 05, 2009

I liked this product although I'm not really on schedule with my dinner as much as I would need to be for this product. Half hour before dinner for the first 3 pills, half hour after dinner for the fiber shake (which to me tastes nice like plain oatmeal) and half hour before bedtime. Since I sometimes have dinner late at night I couldn't keep the times and ended up taking it anyway... bad idea. Got stomach cramps and bloat the next day. When I was able to keep the times it worked pretty well.


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Cleanse product is great!

Reviewer1233100发表于 May 03, 2009

This is a great product - I use it 2-3 times a year. I keep one kit on hand - it's so easy to use and not at all disruptive to every day life.


Not so much

Reviewer2244417发表于 Apr 20, 2009

I've always had a 'slow' metabolism, never been a daily eliminator. I thought I'd give this a try. For me, no changes in daily elimination-just the most horrid gas. Perhaps things were trying to change but my slow-moving system was only going to allow so much to happen and the kit didn't seem to do it for me. Can't say as I'd be able to recommend this as it did not do for me what it claimed. If it was supposed to 'move' things along in about 10 days then it should have done that. I don't like the idea of having to use an additional kit for another 10 days if the first kit are all it is supposed to require.


Garden of Life Cleanse

Reviewer1842394发表于 Apr 19, 2009

I bought this cleanse for my elderly mother after an extended illness. I knew she would need a cleanse that was mild yet thurough and I beleive we have found a quality product that we can feel good about recommending. She and I both appreciate the simplisity and quality of this product. Price is very important to her, as she is on a limited income, and the price of this product is very reasonable.


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Perfect Cleanse

Reviewer2807997发表于 Apr 13, 2009

Good price, works well, and is all-natural, with no harsh laxatives or other ingredients. Perfect Cleanse will not disrupt your daily routines. Perfect Cleanse works to detoxify the liver, while cleaning the intestines and colon at the same time. The product is taken at night, with three different stages taken before and after dinner, as well as before bed. Cleared up a few issues I'd been having, and I would definately use it again.


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I Do NOT Recommend this...

Reviewer2998582发表于 Apr 12, 2009

I found no difference whatever after using this product. The only thing I noticed was I continually felt bloated and gassy - not fun!


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Reviewer1863091发表于 Mar 10, 2009

You can get the same effect from 2 fiber caplets before bed. You can't use it and go to work, the gas passing is too much.


cleanse worked

Reviewer1114125发表于 Mar 10, 2009

I used the Perfect Cleanse for the 10 days. It really did make my stomache feel better


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