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the best!

HealthandBeautyGirl发表于 2月 04, 2014

I used garden of life primal defense for over 10 years and had great results (initially for h-pylori treatment and ongoing for regularity and IBS symptoms). I switched to Gr8 dophilus, based on reviews, to save money. I have found no benefits from taking Gr8 dophilus. I will go back to primal defense despite the cost. I would give this 6 stars if I could. Really controls all IBS symptoms for me! Please click yes if this review helped you. :)


For Me, the Original PD Works Much Better than PD Ultra

Reviewer1797475发表于 12月 01, 2012

This product (the non-Ultra version of Primal Defense) helped me get rid of a chronic pain in or close to my splenic (or left colic) flexure (where the transverse and descending colon join), and it normalized my BMs which tended towards constipation. However, when I switched to the Ultra version of Primal Defense, both these conditions returned. When I wrote to Garden of Life about this, they replied: "If you feel as though the regular Primal Defense formula worked well for you, you should consider switching back.  We always suggest that you stick with what works best for you as everyone is different." So when I switched back to this product (which has a somewhat different blend of probiotics than the Ultra), the pain disappeared and my stools normalized again. And, what's more, there is the added advantage of being less expensive than the Ultra form.


Awesome probiotic!

eathealthy发表于 6月 29, 2013

This is an excellent, easy to take probiotic. The price is right for this bonus size with an extra 36 capsules. I have been taking 2 tablets per day in the morning and at night with a glass of water, and feel great. It helps to promote better immunity and regularity of bowels. I only wish I had tried this excellent product sooner! They don't require refrigeration, making them a good choice for ordering via mail. If you like my review check out my page by clicking my name in blue above to see reviews of all the products I have purchased from iHerb!


Best probiotic out there

Reviewer2017707发表于 10月 16, 2008

I have Crohn's disease, which is now known to be caused by bacteria. I've been taking Primal Defense for several years now, and it does a great job of keeping the levels of good bacteria in my gut high, which counteracts the bad bacteria. I wouldn't get any other probiotic.


Excellent product at a great price!

Munchkin发表于 11月 15, 2010

My husband and I have been taking Primal Defense every day for a few years now, it really works to keep the gas and bloat away. The prices on iHerb are really good. We used to pay 3 times this price when we bought it from the sole distributor in Singapore! iHerb's pricing is good and we have been purchasing many other great supplements from iHerb ever since we've been introduced to this site by my sister.


I believe Primal Defense cured me.

Reviewer2599012发表于 9月 22, 2008

I have had IBS for about ten years. The first five years I was in agony almost every day. Trigger foods were eliminated also, but as soon as I started taking Primal Defense I had relief. I still take it everyday and for the last year and a half, I have not had one episode of IBS. I thank God and Primal Defense. It keeps your intestines healthy. I will never stop taking it. Thank you


A life saver!

Reviewer2359115发表于 9月 03, 2008

I have had problem with my intestines since I was in my twenties. One day after a colonic session, a health practitioner gave me the advice to try Primal defense, I never looked back, a smooth move ever since. Highly recommend.



Reviewer1034218发表于 9月 28, 2008

The greatest thing about Primal Defense is its stability without refrigeration. After some initial constipation, it seems to be setting things right, the way it should be.


Garden of Life Primal Defense, HSO Probiotic Formula

Reviewer1739514发表于 9月 30, 2008

I have used Garden of Life for many years and am very happy with the good digestive health I have enjoyed. At 54 years, I have no major (or minor) illnesses and take no medications. I believe Primal Defense has played a significant role in my overall good health!! I'm so happy to be able to order it from iHerb.com as this makes it possible for me to afford this supplement and other important supplements for me and my family.


Primal Defense

Reviewer1083312发表于 12月 04, 2008

This stuff really makes a difference in the way I feel. I didn't take for a month and had to get back on it. My joints even ached!


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