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"Food-Based" meal replacement

SEEKING-HEALTH发表于 Nov 11, 2014

On my Products-With-Reviews page, I have more reviews of other products I have bought and used. This is "food-based" nutrition, and it means that all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.in the supplement come from genuine food-based sources. Nutrients are supposed to come from living things. There is a solution to this. It's called "Garden of Life." Garden of Life is a brand of nutritional supplements that are made almost entirely from actual food.


You cannot drink this with water alone

Reviewer2576763发表于 Nov 26, 2013

I enjoyed this with sweetened almond milk. When I first prepared this concoction of 1 scoop with 1 cup of sweetened vanilla almond milk, I was wondering why the heck it tasted so much better than last time. I then realized it was because of the almond milk AND the fact that it was chocolate, not the original flavor. With that being said, if you tried the original and didn't think much of it, I promise that the Chocolate flavor is much better in taste. However, the problem with the Garden of Life raw meals (regardless of flavor) is that it turns gelatinous quickly. It's very slimy in texture and it's probable that once it reaches that physical state, you will have a hard time drinking it. I find that I enjoy it the first few sips when it's still somewhat like "chocolate milk." This formula is so nutritious and filling that I'm going to struggle to keep on drinking it. I hope that eventually my body will start to crave the nutrients and minerals that it contains, since these days I've stopped buying eggs (my only source of animal products). It's going to be hard.


a very good meal replacement

alloriginal发表于 Oct 27, 2014

In today's fast-paced world it's difficult to eat three square meals a day. All too often meals are skipped, or fast food alternatives are used. This is the solution to missing a meal, or eating junk: a low-calorie, nutrient-dense meal that takes literally seconds to prepare. RAW Meal is loaded with good stuff that can't be found in a bagel: plenty of protein, fiber, expensive raw foods and probiotics. It keeps the blood sugar even and hunger at bay. Taste is fair, but tolerable. An inexpensive, easy to use alternative. Please click my user name (alloriginal) for more helpful reviews gleaned from my 30+ years of supplementation.


Really good

4843123309970613239发表于 Mar 01, 2015

I just didn't like the lumps that it has, but the flavor is really good


Taste is Great, You can sweeten a bit with Stevia or honey

5762343735493369956发表于 Feb 20, 2015

Really does curb appetite AND It makes you feel very full so it's great for snack to avoid over eating ; I've lost 14 in 3 weeks so far with this and the use of vitamins ,I love it



5503740428596192190发表于 Apr 08, 2015

Supper horrible taste and texture. I cnat find any relationship between the shake and chocolate, this is absolutely not a taste of ""food""!!!!! The powder is quite hard and dont dissolve well, and just like drinking Polluted water with sand!!!!!!


To big sugar crystalls

4756213167339460021发表于 Apr 13, 2015

The suger crystalls are TO BIG! Its like drink sugar, and after you swollow you still have suger in your teeth and mouth. Taste flour+chocolate... Expencive! Only half the box are filled. Neve gonna buy again ever! ALtfor store sukkerkrystaller. Kornere og fæl. Fortsatt sukker igjen i munn og tenner etter at den er svelget. Smaker en blanding av sukker, mel og sjokolade. Altfor dyr mtp at boksen er halv full. Kjøper aldri igjen!!!


Great product

5571119702649907030发表于 Dec 09, 2015

It can fill up my stomach, and last long. A recommended product.


Much Better than Expected

ReaCovery发表于 Jan 03, 2016

I just received this today and immediately made myself a shake with it. I used half unsweetened almond milk and half water with lots of ice. One scoop of this and one scoop of Now brand chocolate pea protein powder, a big kale leaf and a few frozen blueberries. Blended in electric blender for about 80 seconds. It was surprisingly quite delicious, after all the complaints I had read about the taste, I was surprised, it was much better than the shakes I had previously been making with just pea protein, kale and a few other ingredients. I've put another one of these in my cart for my next order.


Love the price, love the product

4784738604330944839发表于 Feb 18, 2016

Pea and rice protein are preferred by my body. This combination of protein and raw sprouted ingredients in addition to the veggie and fruit matter makes a delicious smoothie. I make it with half coconut milk/ half water plus a frozen banana and some peanut butter. Being a dark chocolate lover, I add 1/4 cup of 100% cocoa powder to the container which gives it a tad more chocolate flavor. The smoothie is smooth, not gritty, nor chia seeds in one's teeth. The iHerb price is significantly less than if purchased in a store. Often the shipping is free. I am pleased with both the product and the cost.


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