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"Raw one for Men" is better for senior Women!..

PracticalReviews发表于 Oct 26, 2013

if you are a 50+ woman,in most cases you will not have an Iron deficiency like in your prenatal days,Iron also interfere with Calcium absorption so in this case you are much better off with the Raw one for Men,and don't worry you won't grow a beard from it,it has no Herbal or Chemical testosterone stimulants,the only difference is that it has no Iron but instead have more of the essential minerals and Vitamins that your system needs much more like Zinc,Selenium & B12 and imho works better.may i also suggest that the company will be more honest with the customers and when the product has Vitamins & Minerals that are NOT from Raw Food Based source like the Vitamin C in this case & also the Calcium & Magnesium in the Raw one for Men case that it will state clearly on the package and on its site what is the type and the source of these substances....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews.


Zappy whole vitamin

Reviewer3189761发表于 Sep 04, 2009

Great for raw foodists or vegans interested in maximising their vitamin intake. Well balanced. I would recommend taking it after food, as it does make me feel a bit queasy on an empty stomach


Great company and quality

adechamplain发表于 Mar 22, 2011

I've just started on these and was previously taking the raw B complex and the B12 from the same company but thought that a multi might be the best bet for me. To date I like it. I open the capsule and put it in my lunch time shake. I know is probably one of the best out there.


Good Multi

Reviewer1880085发表于 Aug 03, 2010

I prefer Garden of Life Raw for Women, but this is a good one to take on vacation or if in a hurry as you only need one.


Garden of Life, Raw One for Women

Reviewer2122022发表于 Oct 13, 2011

Seems to be a well rounded vitamin for a one a day.


My New Multi

Reviewer1477814发表于 Nov 04, 2011

I don't sense a drastic change from switching to this multi vitamin, but I am very happy with the quality of ingredients that go into it.


good vitamins

Reviewer1718779发表于 Mar 01, 2012

The garden of life raw veggie caps are affordable and have been very beneficial. We love ordering them online and receiving them quickly!


not bad

Reviewer2621481发表于 Mar 02, 2012

onto my 3 bottles..........



Healingbyrosie发表于 Aug 18, 2012

This has been a great product. Really affordable and good value. It is quite natural and includes a lot of herbs and added extras. I don't like that the B12 is in cyanocobalamin form which is much less useful and actually can be quite damaging to the body. Otherwise I think it is a great product for those needing a 'synthetic' multi-vitamin for support.



4729210685613656900发表于 Jul 25, 2012

I love this product! I was using other Garden of Life vitamins and was supposed to take 4 per day. I only need ONE per day - which is a lot easier.


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