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Immune boosting!

Reviewer1393699发表于 May 27, 2015

Amazing concoction of mushrooms, selenium & cat's claw. Exactly as stated: immune system food :) Thanks for another amazing product, Garden Of Life!


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Just what I was looking for!

4674794273951349705发表于 Apr 10, 2015

RM-10 isn't available in any Canadian stores, so this is the only place I know of to get it. I'm so glad I found out about iHerb! You gave me very good service.


This is a necessity for the cold and flu season

HolisticSolutions发表于 Nov 17, 2014

Without fail every winter I get a life changing flu, earache, fever, chills etc. I use the Immune System Food to get over this fast so that I do not miss too much time from my life. This is a great product coupled with Vitamin D3 and an essential oil blend recipe which includes cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, clove and rosemary with a coconut oil base. Garden of Life is a reputable brand and you will find that your immune system is greatly strengthened. It is absolutely worth the money despite the "earthy" smell. This is the best price you will find on this item. I have been using iherb for 6 years and have been using alternative medicine and supplements for 20 years and consider this a lifestyle. See my page for more reviews of my EXTENSIVE product list all of which have been personally tested by me. Thanks and make it a great day!


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garden of life rm-10 immune system food

4673063987957164933发表于 Nov 05, 2014

My daughter, who suffers from Crohns desease has found this very helpful and has also recommended it to others.


Garden of life RM-10

Reviewer2884369发表于 Sep 16, 2013

Taking it to build up the immune system. Love your products Jordon.


good value for money

4999101273307095289发表于 Aug 03, 2013

I bought it for someone, as I heard Garden of Life, RM-10 is very good for immune system.



Reviewer2164030发表于 Dec 23, 2011

This product was recomended to my neighbour by the doctor to revive the immune system after chemotheraphy. but I took these caplets right after I felt I cought cold. It helped me to feel good two days when I was on business trip and I really had to be in good condition, but after I returned back home the illness got me anyway and I had to stay in bed for couple of days.


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Great Immune System Booster

Reviewer2555223发表于 Sep 15, 2011

I really like this product. I have read Jordan Rubin's books, and believe he is right about our intestines being our first line of defense against disease. This product is a combination of a bunch of different mushrooms, which I believe do help fight against illness. No bad side effects, and no taste, so my kids swallow them down with no problem (easy to break in half). My daughter and I have been using this product, along with Primal Defense and multi-vits, and have not had the flu in two years!


Awesome product!

Reviewer3279922发表于 Jun 15, 2011

I buy it for my mum she had colon cancer and surgery 1 year and a half ago. She take the RM -10 every day and feel great, this product keeps the cancer away.


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mushrooms for immune system support

Reviewer2674927发表于 Mar 02, 2011

bought for my wife who has brain cancer in hopes it may help with her immune system. especially after treatments. the concept of using mushrooms to help boost immune system function seems logical, however i hope i haven't fallen for one the hundreds of "snake oil " schemes. the product does seem to help my wife have a better day, but she forgets to take it properly. for right now it's to early to determine whether it actually helps. but i will probably order it again, maybe a time or two just to give it a good try.


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