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tastes ok

Reviewer2414245发表于 Jun 29, 2010

I put this capsule under my tongue and let it dissolve rather than swallow it whole. I seem to have more energy from it. My only problem with it is that it comes in a rather large bottle in a box with only 30 caps in it and I wish this company and others would put more product into the bottle like 90 or 120 caps. It just seems like a waste and fills up the landfills much quicker with bottles and boxes for only 30 caps at a time. Let's get real here and help the environment as well....


Excellent source of B-12

Reviewer1470253发表于 Mar 31, 2011

These are the only Raw B-12 available - an excellent product - well done Garden of Life!!! I am thankful that I can get this vitamin as I am a Raw Vegan.


Amazing B12 !

Scottishdave发表于 Jan 01, 2011

What a super supplement if ever there was one, within 3 days of taking this at one capsule/day along with garden of life b-complex at 2 capsules/day i was feeling really really great, lots of energy, these two supplements have made a massive difference to my daily mood swings. I experienced severe depression for years and still struggled with it until i found these two supplements, wonderful. The only b vitamin supplements that have ever worked for me due to their noticable effect.Take them with a fruit smoothie in the morning, you can't go wrong, simply awesome !!


Good Value

Reviewer3325200发表于 May 26, 2011

Great price for a great product.



Reviewer2259021发表于 Aug 18, 2011

I am a vegan and really need extra B-12.This product is very very ......good. I just had a blood test result and my B-12 is normal now.


Great for Vegetarians/Vegans

ninalinich发表于 Nov 05, 2013

I love the energy boost I get from this. Will definitely buy again!


Raw vegan B12

5625657342130073188发表于 Oct 18, 2014

This is very good B12. We put the powder from the capsule under our toungue for better absorbtion. This is a high quality product. Gives energy. Thank you


zooming in Poland!

Reviewer1437520发表于 Aug 20, 2010

Good energy booster. I must have needed these! This brand is excellent and the B12 is giving me alot of energy. WOuld be good if there were more in the bottle than just 30 though. I will re-order this one for sure!


Like the capsules

Reviewer3000164发表于 Oct 29, 2010

I like opening the capsules and putting it in my mouth directly. Hoping to get some absorbtion that way before it even it even hits my stomach. I just wish they would put more than 30 capsules in such a big, glass bottle!


good B12

wendybrown发表于 Nov 29, 2009

I like that this B12 comes from a food source and is in a capsule. Most B12's are not assimilated properly and this is a good one.


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