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Best Zinc i tried...you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

PracticalReviews发表于 Oct 19, 2013

if i take more than 50mg of Zinc daily i start to feel my Testosterone level jumping all over so i stick with my basic multivitamin zinc content on a daily basis,but when i am eating Beef liver thats loaded with Copper i take 1 or 2 of these to balance my Zinc/Copper ratio as copper is a zinc antagonist and vice versa. also,when you are sick and want to strengthen your immune system its good to take more Zinc daily together along with a few Grams of Vitamin C,Elder berries or Flowers and Echinacea Angustifolia..you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Best Zinc!

5625657342130073188发表于 Oct 22, 2014

We love this Zinc. We are taking this to help with deficiency and it seems to be working. I love the fact that it is non-synthetic, so it is better absorbed and used. We will buy again ...Click YES if this was helpful and feel welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Misleading Information

4844907195413621486发表于 Jan 31, 2016

I thought I was buying a zinc supplement which came from "whole food" sources: organic fruits & vegetables. I discovered however the zinc in this supplement does not come from organic fruits & vegetables, but from their TM "Food-Created Nutrients" (using yeast!). How can you call this "Whole Food Zinc"?? Very misleading.


Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

Zinc is es sential for good health and widely known for boosting our immune system. It is also proven to reduce the duration of colds, support cell division, prom otes healing, support healthy libido, support fertility , preventing aromatization (converting of testosterone to estrogen), important for prostate health, an antioxidant, responsible for more than 100 enzyme activities, regulates DNA, RNA, insulin production, neces sary for optimum brain function and many others! It’s one of the most es sential mineral we require. This product is great as it is organic and free of pesticides etc. It uses a glas s bottle. Glas s bottle does not leech toxic gas ses and also better at preventing oxygen from entering the bottle. The best part is that the product delivers the zinc in whole foods instead of manufactured in a chemical lab. It is highly bioavailable and does not cause stomach upset. This is highly beneficial when I start to fall sick. I can take as many as up to 10 caps on empty stomach and it will curb the sicknes s at its buds without any side effects. The products come with insignificant amount of other immune boosters and vitamin C. Note that since copper requires the same amino acid as zinc for absorption, it might be wise to either take copper supplement or simply just take this tablet on an empty stomach instead of with food. The capsules are small, easy to swallow and suitable for vegetarian as well. This product contains no fillers, flow agents or binders! Pricewise, this is the more expensive than New Chapter Zinc (non vegan) or MegaFood Zinc (vegan but most expensive). Note that it is more expensive for both as well. Personally, it’s up to your choice. Check out my page for more reviews!


Best ZINC -

Reviewer2590313发表于 Sep 06, 2013

I use these because I didn't want magnesium stearate in my product. LOVE it, and works for me.


Seem to work

5231496214783765762发表于 Feb 11, 2014

This product seems to do what it's supposed to do. Though something came out about one of this company's other products, Raw Fit, that it contained toxic levels of heavy metals. So I'm beginning to wonder about the safety of this company's products.


Great product

Reviewer2837310发表于 May 13, 2015

Excellent and safe way to maintain or increase your Zinc levels, specially if you are vegetarian or vegan as my family)..It is natural product, perfectly done and gentle on your stomach.


Very good!

5628859795678423817发表于 Sep 08, 2016

It's a clean product, there are no nano contaminants!


Raw Zinc

5267137031677214245发表于 Oct 28, 2014

Great form of Zinc which doesn't seem to upset the stomach anywhere near as much as other forms can do. Great for combatting high Free-Copper in the body. This Zinc is from whole food sources so seems to be very readily absorbed.


A staple supplement in my daily life

monwatt发表于 Dec 05, 2014

I prefer this brand as it is natural. I take zinc everyday along with saw palmetto & nettle leaf to control my acne. It is also improve my overall immune system. I rarely get sick. Will repurchase!!


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