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Try it!! IT WORKS

5723089029110491850发表于 Feb 01, 2013

I called the number on the back of Genesis Today Green Coffee Bean plain bottle and they were very helpful. She instructed me to this one because it burns fat and helps with slowing the sugar into the blood. She told me to take 2 capsules for a week before a meal. Than if you feel fine increase them to 3 times a day. I did and I Lost 10 lbs before the 2 bottles were out. I did not workout or change my daily activity. I am buying more. Remember 30 mins before you eat. It worked 4 me. I bought it from this site because it was cheaper. Otherwise I would of bought it straight from the site. Thank U iherb.


It works!

5383480468508404344发表于 Jan 23, 2013

My daughter and I began taking Pure Green Coffee Bean with Svetol on January 2nd. We both take 4 capsules per day...2 in the morning, and 2 in the evening before dinner. We both experienced a decrease in our appetite, and an increase in energy. Most importantly, my daughter has lost 11 lbs, and I have lost 8 lbs so far. We walk at least 5 days a week, for 3 to five miles. We do our best to eat healthy. This pills work for us. and it has absolutely no side effects. I already bought 4 more bottles, and plan to continue with it for 3 more months.


No effect at all.

5444933093801922094发表于 May 15, 2013

I just bought this last week and started taking 4 pills a day, 2 before each meal. So far, there is no effect. It does not help to curb my appetite at all. I weighed myself on the first day (Friday 4/5) and so far, i have put on 3 lbs. I am eating the same amount and weighing myself at the same time every 3 days. It may be too early to tell and if anything changes, i will update my review. ####### I have been taking this faithfully for 15 days and so far, no weight loss. I have also been exercising - walking briskly 3 miles 5 days a week. No weight loss but feeling toned. I have just ordered a second bottle. I will try it for another 15 days just to be fair to the product. I will update at the end of the 15 days to see if there is indeed any weight loss. ##### After trying this for 1 month (bought 2 bottles of this) and following the instructions to a tee, Genesis Today, Green Coffee Bean with Svetol has absolutely no effect on me. It's a waste of money.


Green Coffee Bean Extract

4820603292953038915发表于 Jan 02, 2013

I have used 3 or 4 bottles of green coffee bean extract and have lost 10 pounds. It has been through the holidays and I have changed nothing about my eating habits or have not been exercising. Now that the new year is here I am going to try and do better about my eating and start exercing a little and see if I cannot lose a little more. I think 10 pounds is good to not have changed anything. So I believe this product works. The first bottle I thought you took 2 a day and did not lose after I started taking 3 a day, 1 before each meal with water 30 minutes prior, I started losing.


tweaked to perfection must have for weight loss and control.

Reviewer1988592发表于 Dec 30, 2012

I tried the regular coffee bean extracts and this two times and notice this one with the svetol in it is more potent in curbing the desire to eat food and help a little in metabolism increase. many times I eat saying I dont have to use almost very little will power to stop the key is eat one meal a day at night time dont eat or eat little and you should lose weight exercising also helps even more.


YES! It works.

Reviewer2224337发表于 Apr 19, 2013

I ordred 7 bottles already. BEST decision.


Awesome Product!

5710295641564861030发表于 Mar 10, 2013

I had been taking Genesis pure coffee bean veggie caps since last October and had about a 10 pound weight loss by end of December. I am very active and do cardio, weight training and Yoga 5-6 times a week. My daughter suggested I try the Pure coffee bean with Svetol veggie caps mid January of this year and have noticed more weight loss - about 7 lbs to date. I pretty much eat healthy but do notice if I overindulge one or two days per week - there is no weight gain! I'm very happy with this product - it's given me more energy and does tend to decrease my appetite.



4760546533194386853发表于 Feb 13, 2014

No weight loss. More energy. Gave me itchy skin so I stopped taking it- then itchiness immediately went away.


Great product

Wakeupgrindrepeat发表于 Jun 22, 2015

Definitely boosts metabolism and energy for me . I took it for weight loss . I dont weigh myself everyday but I dont think there is any major effect on my weightloss . Best way to lose weight still to have a healthy diet and exercise . Taking this in the long term may cause the body to become reliant on it and i wont be buying this again .Otherwise it does what I think it should .


Good for maintaining

Reviewer2197873发表于 Nov 30, 2012

I went on vacation and ate far more food and desserts than I would have normally. I took the pill once a day only. I did not gain any weight and it appears that I lost inches during that week. I do not need to loose weight, but I must maintain.


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