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Best Soap Ever!!!!

Reviewer2132565发表于 Nov 20, 2008

I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and can't use most commercial soaps. This soap is truly fragrance-free and uses only pure ingredients. We have hard water, yet this soap lathers like crazy. The baking soda in it really helps remove fragrance and other chemicals from my hair and skin. Unlike any shampoo, it leaves my hair super clean, shiny and silky. It also leaves my skin soft. It's not drying like most soaps. This is truly the best soap I've ever used. I won't buy anything else.


Fantastic Soap!

Reviewer1239880发表于 Jun 15, 2009

This is the best soap I have tried for people with allergies and/or chemical sensitivities! My only complaint is that a 3.25 oz. bar doesn't last very long. A 6+ oz. bar at the same price would make this a perfect soap.


What they don't tell you!!!!

5514081950035846903发表于 Mar 28, 2015

Based on the glowing reports and reviews and other ingredients listed on the website as... Coconut oil, palm oil, purified water, vegetable glycerin and bakings soda..... I bought the product. When the product arrived I checked on the box only to find it was not as natural as they claim it to be. Very clever marketing strategy of listing only the sounding natural ingredients on the website and leaving out the toxic ones. Unfortunately I am not one of the 99% of people fast asleep. I check everything especially the fine print on the box which listed the following: Sodium Palmate, Sodium cocoate or Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water Glycerin, Sodium Bicarbonate, Ethyhexyl Hydroxystearate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate, Pumice, Titanium Dioxide. Now if any of these sound natural to you then you are ignorant. These ingredients are Far from natural! When you can hardly pronounce the words it spells danger. The soap cannot be good long term without any side effects. For example Sodium Chloride can cause eye irritation, skin itch, some hair loss, dryness and itchiness. That is enough for me. A natural product won't do this. For all those who see this soap as a panacea. So are steroids and cortisone if you take them, but long term they prove hazardous to your health. In the long run what damage will this soap be doing to my skin. I also dislike the sneaky way they say other ingredients .... on the website and leave out the most toxic. The other ingredients were so innocent sounding. If this product is so natural and safe why don't they share all the ingredients with us? What are they hiding? Do your own research check the website and check the box. Savannah


great for pre and post work out

Reviewer2414778发表于 Nov 16, 2007

great product if you sweat a little too much



4637131046627880038发表于 Jun 20, 2015



Really Good Cleaning Bar

Reviewer2921724发表于 Sep 25, 2009

This soap leaves me feeling super clean. At first I thought the baking soda smell would transfer to my skin, but it does not. It just leaves me feeling clean and fresh as a soap should. I will continue to use this product because it does not irritate my sensitive skin.


Simple ingredients and easy to rinse off.

Reviewer2773484发表于 Jan 02, 2012

I keep this in my kitchen sink because it has no scent. I can wash my hands while preparing food without worrying about transferring some scent to food.


Grandpa's Baking Soda Soap, Unsented

Reviewer1593766发表于 Jun 14, 2010

It was "just okay" for me. It's a nice hard bar and lasts a long time and it gets my face clean and is okay for my sensitive skin since it is not scented, HOWEVER, I personally actually prefer the Grandpa's Thylox Acne soap which I swear gets my face even cleaner yet. The Thylox soap helps keep my acne under control much better than the baking soda soap.


Grandpa's, Baking Soda Soap, Unscented

Reviewer2092919发表于 Oct 04, 2010

it's okay. burns if one has atrophic vaginitis.


The best soap for MCS - Rich but not oily

PurplePegasus发表于 Jul 13, 2011

I love this soap. I have MCS and appreciate that this is 100% fragrance free. Baking soda is the best. This soap is rich and moisturizing but not too much, it's not oily like some coconut soaps I've tried. I will get a few more with my next orders.


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