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Greensations, 洁面乳,1.69盎司,50毫升 (Discontinued Item)

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Weird Stuff

4628888082565545248发表于 Nov 01, 2013

I honestly don't remember why I ordered this--I usually go by reviews but so far the others aren't in English. My first impression was that it might be rancid. The smell reminded me of cooking oil when it's gone stale. Perhaps that's the smell of 'no scent'? (It has a 12/15 expiration date) The directions tell you to pump a small amount into your palm and then to "add water". ??? It's already more or less runny so maybe that's if you're applying to a dry face. You're supposed to let it sit for 20-60 seconds and rinse thoroughly. Well, no matter how thoroughly I rinse, it leaves my skin feeling coated with some kind of soap. You know, when you run your fingers over something and they don't glide, they 'stutter'? Kind of waxy. (I don't know how else to describe it!) I do like the fact that it doesn't contain sulphates--that's what I was looking for--but prefer a cream to soap. I'm going to keep using it anyways and see if it makes a difference, even though I don't find it pleasant to use. It seemed pretty pricey but I've seen similar products that cost a lot more--usually in fancier packaging--so hopefully this is the same ingredient-wise because they sure didn't spend any money on the packaging. It's adequate for dispensing but the whole thing looks cheap.



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