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Reviewer1730943发表于 Sep 20, 2008

I ordered this product for my elder brother who is hephatitis b carrier. Coincidentally after using this product, doctor detected a dramatic decrease at his hephatitis b test results. He hasn't used any other product except this. Although we are not completely sure about this we decided to continue this product. As a result it's very good.



Reviewer3089379发表于 Aug 22, 2010

I tried another Lion's Mane product which was not nearly as good. This one is simply brilliant. I only need to take one per day as a rule, so it is not that expensive. In times of stress at work and fatigue I take two a day. The product increases physical and mental energy. I'm not as young as I was, and neither is my brain but this really helps me think clearly. It also seems to help prevent colds etc. No side effects or stomach problems either. I think the claim of enhanced bioavailability must be true, because I tried a higher doseage of another brand and it didn't have much effect VC.


Works on brains and more!

Reviewer1876628发表于 Nov 17, 2011

My husband swears by this stuff. He has a friend who contols his Parkinson's with it and says the Lion's Mane is why he is still able to work. Helps those of us of a certain age fire on all cylinders again mentally. I have leaky gut, caused by motility problems, and the Lion's Mane helps. It is supposed to help rebuild your damaged nerve endings and it sure feels like that's what it's doing. Felt an effect after the first dose.


MS supplement

Reviewer3096286发表于 Oct 28, 2011

This is recommended by the United Kingdom MS Resource center. I've taken it for two years, and haven't had a relapse yet.


Cognitive functions

Reviewer1055106发表于 Aug 27, 2008

Search the Internet for "Lion's mane Alzhemiers" and you'll understand how good this is for cognitive functions, from slight memory loss to severe dementia. I use Lion's mane for the cognitive disorders you can get when having fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrom.


Super Lion's Mane

Reviewer1340014发表于 Jul 31, 2008

I found this product very effective for enhancing brain function.


Noticed difference

Reviewer2836227发表于 Jul 09, 2013

Start out on one pill a day, then move up to 2 a day. I felt a lot better after a week, and definitely noticed that I was a more relaxed.


Bell's Palsy

Reviewer2124393发表于 Jan 24, 2009

I am convinced it helped me to speed up the recovery from the Bell's Palsy (left side face) I had in the first quarter of 2007, this together with (temporary) high doses of methylcobalamin (form of B12)


Lions mane

Reviewer2773631发表于 Jun 07, 2010

I felt some results very quickly which is unusual for this type product. I feel in general better.I will keep buying it.


great for the brain

Reviewer3119083发表于 Aug 18, 2011

This has a positive effect on me. My mind is clearer and it works so much better than without it. It took me about 2 weeks to feel its effect. I've given my grandmother a lion's mane extract from a different company and she has asked me to keep on buying these for her because it helps clear her brain fog.


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