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Reviewer1057727发表于 Jan 04, 2012

Vitamineral Green is amazing. Once I have started to take a generous amount (1-2 heaped tablespoons a day) I have thrived with energy,bouncing through the day even living on less sleep than I used to! I can also feel that my skin has improved, I am less bloated and sluggish. Together with Earth it's also great for a quick breakfast and I am not hungry and full of energy till past lunchtime! It makes me feel great to know I'm doing something good for my body!


Great Juice powder!

Reviewer1259745发表于 Apr 28, 2010

If you like green juice as I do, you will like this one. I feel hydrated. It is a little bit sweeter than my regular brand of superfood. It has a great taste (again, I love green juice). The only thing I don't like there is no nutritional fact. It is considered food not supplement but still would be very helpful if I could compare with my original brand if I am getting a good amount of vitamins. I will continue to buy this brand and hope they add a nutritional fact.


Seems good

Reviewer1014095发表于 Apr 18, 2014

I've been taking this product for about 3 weeks now, and I think it is doing its job. I was taking the midori greens powder by Madre Labs before which sometimes caused gas. But Vitamineral Green does not seem to cause gas, and I think it gives me subtle energy while helping elimination. I would buy this again.


The very best green drink anywhere!

Reviewer2861802发表于 Jul 13, 2010

I have tried several green drinks, but there is only one in my opinion and that is Vitamineral Green. It gives me more of what I need and want for my body. I am a vegetarian and rely upon Vitamineral Green for so much of my diet. I drink it at least twice a day and sometimes more. It has a real punch of energy that gets me going for activities such as tennis and running. I drink it in the morning for breakfast and before I exercise at even in the evening. It is amazing! Give it a chance and you will be with me on this.


Excellent green powder

Reviewer1079334发表于 Aug 31, 2010

I've tried numerous brands of green powders and this is the best by far. It's totally organic and provides all the nutritional benefits a person needs. The powder mixes easily and tastes great, I have it every morning on a empty stomach.


Excellent Value

Reviewer3144994发表于 Nov 12, 2010

Great product so many vitimins and healthy greens I don't need much else...great value.


I love this product and will re-order for certain.

Reviewer3236706发表于 Mar 17, 2011

This is the smoothest 'green' juice I have ever used. It is full of good stuff we all need every day to keep ourselves healthy: super greens, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and probiotics.


Best green powder

kkfjkldsjfldfj发表于 Feb 29, 2012

LOVE LOVE this green powder, it just makes me feel so good and full of energy all day. I take 1 tsp in the morning and 1 tsp before dinner. I just stir it down in 1 cup (2.5 dl) of water and drink it straight. No bad taste at all. Buy it if you care about your health.


Can really feel this

5572461307699020617发表于 Oct 11, 2013

I have tried so many brands of Greens drinks. I can honestly say that I can really feel the difference with this one. If you are looking for a sweet tasting greens drink, this is not for you (or simply add juice or mix into smoothie). But I love how pure this one is. It tastes fine on its own (very green and earthy tasting, which I don't mind at all) and it tastes even better with a squeeze of lemon. Try this on an empty stomach - and after a few minutes/half an hour, check in with yourself and you'll realize that you are feeling great!! That has been my experience, at least.


My body thanks you

Reviewer1147896发表于 Dec 12, 2011

Have a tendency for fast food at times especailly when I have to travel a lot and have a relatively intense period, back to balance I felt drawn to this product and am trying it for several days now. the body reaction was intense and not very pleasant in the first days but now (in a week) I can't start my day without it and feel great, unlike many other green powders I am able to drink it without being deterred by the taste so that's a huge plus because otherwise I simply stop taking the products and here I can commit to adding it to my diet.


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