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Love this!

Reviewer2707144发表于 May 08, 2013

Just got this delivered today and man, is it great! I had a light meal of this, Blue Diamond unsweetened chocolate almond milk, (also from iherb) and ice. Was sugar-free, low carb, low cal, low glycemic, high protein, high fiber, and most importantly absolutely delicious! The mouthfeel was great-thick and creamy and I really really enjoyed it! Losing weight is easy with products like these that don't make you feel like you are depriving yourself of treats. Highly recommended!


Protein Shake Mix

wandachavis发表于 Jun 29, 2012

My morning ritual since gastric-bypass surgery in 2004 has included a chocolate protein shake. I have used several, but found ChocoRite about a year ago. I quickly made the switch from another very expensive protein shake... and this one even has fewer calories! Of all the flavors, Chocolate Fudge Brownie is my favorite! But, I keep this Peanut Butter flavor in the pantry for those days when I have a peanut butter craving. There is no vitamin taste to it and it mixes so smooth and easy! I travel frequently and use a ball shaker bottle to mix this in the hotel... then just pour it over ice. I love the price too here on iHerb! So glad I found this product... thanks to my niece!


Great high protein shake

Sweetx-Shorty发表于 Oct 22, 2013

Bought this as a milkshake replacement. Its creaminess and 'fattiness' really hits the spot and knowing its nutritional value just makes this all the more sweeter (pun intended) Very healthy and tasty shake. Recommended (:


My favorite!

5153710200257946610发表于 Jul 09, 2013

this is my favorite of all the flavors!


Very good taste!

4860884914473402166发表于 Jul 28, 2013

Tastes good, I will buy again, for sure.. Chocolate supreme flavor is good too. I intend to buy all flavors cause it's a good product.


the best protein pudding ever

4618171961773733118发表于 Sep 16, 2013

i mix it with water and put it in the microwave and i get - the best protein pudding ever. I could eat it all day. Just be careful while warming it in the microwave - 1.30 minutes is more than enough and i take it out every 30 seconds to mix it and prevent crumbling.


Please turn down the sweetener!

pamkhan发表于 Jun 15, 2015

I would recommended it to people who enjoy the flavor of artificial sweeteners, who are a bunch of them judging by the reviews! It does remind me of peanut butter, but made with powdered sugar instead of peanuts. It tastes nothing like the real thing and the consistency is rather plain. I tried mixing it with water, with plant-based/cow's milk, stirred, shaken or blended on smoothies. I give it 2 stars because at least it doesn't make me gag, but I won't try any other Chocolite flavors.


Great Peanut Butter Taste!

Reviewer3024463发表于 May 30, 2015

I just got this delivered a few days ago. I am a peanut butter lover and thought this would taste nothing like peanut butter...was I wrong! I mix this with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it tastes great! With the 25 grams of protein per serving, it keeps me feeling full and not wanting to eat everything in sight every hour of the day. I was totally surprised because I had a daily struggle of feeling hungry constantly throughout the day. I am on day 3 of using this and I can honestly say if you are thinking of using this to lose weight, it will work because in 3 days I have lost 5 pounds. I am so happy I found this product and will be a customer as long as they keep making it.


The taste is very good!

4973199922279626752发表于 Sep 05, 2013




Reviewer1522476发表于 May 31, 2013

in a matter of taste is the best whey protein I've ever experienced. I will soon adiquirir other flavors. Indico


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