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This stuff works

alloriginal发表于 Oct 14, 2013

It took a few weeks, and it was a gradual change, but this 7-keto has really made me a believer. I'm in my mid-fifties, and in pretty good shape, or so I thought. After several weeks on this product I noticed a reduction in my waist size (without dieting) and an increase in libido. I also just feel pretty good, better than I have in years. I take one per day on an empty stomach. I can't guarantee it will work for you, but it certainly has made a difference for me. Click YES if my review helped!



KMOMO7发表于 Apr 25, 2012

High stress hubby vents alot less on the family after a hard day at work. A 50% travel schedule and extremely demanding job wear him thin. His best release is excercise, but there isn't always time when he is up before dawn and running nonstop until dark. 7-Keto does not give a buzz or noticeable sensation for him, but we all miss it badly if he forgets it or runs out. This just helps keep an even keel under tremendous pressure. For me it is a gentle energy booster and sometimes, a bit aphrodesiac... Which is also good for the marriage;)



Reviewer3296646发表于 Sep 14, 2012

Appears to have the benefits of DHEA without the bad side effects which caused me to stop taking DHEA. Recommended.


Works Great...Don't like the side effects

5567285758154256357发表于 Oct 14, 2012

I bought 7 Keto after hearing about it on Dr. Oz. I am late 30's and have struggled with my weight my entire 30's. I tried it and it works GREAT!! When I worked out I would pour sweat! Which means it was working, I noticed muscle defination very quickly as well. I was HAPPY!! I noticed I started having acne so I figured it was from exercising. I started using a acne meds to help control it and wasn't working....hmmm I did some research and well that is a side effect from taking 7-Keto. I didn't hear of this effecting others so I stopped taking it and within two days it cleared up! I started taking 7-Keto again and I broke out in the same areas all over again. Not only did I break out but I noticed my hair and nails started growing fairly quickly as well for some that is a added bonus for me not so much, I don't like having to wax my eyebrows everyother day. So over all it works I was losing weight consistantly an average of 1-2 lbs a week with the help of Weight Watchers as well. However the acene really bothered me so I stopped using it. Would give 5 stars for being effective however I hate having acne that are not treatable all the time.



Reviewer3358863发表于 Mar 19, 2012

I give these a five star i have lose 2 lbs avg per week since i started


Great product!

Reviewer2452131发表于 Apr 10, 2012

So far I have not experienced any side effects with this product. It is designed to speed up metabolism. Good news, so far I have not gained any additional weight on this product. It seems to be working. Just have to increase my workout regiment. I do recommend this product.


highly recommend

Reviewer3230343发表于 Apr 16, 2012

I highly recommend this supplement. Felt a difference within a couple of days, more energy, less pain in joints. Haven't lost any weight yet but my clothes seem looser than they were. Feel better than I have in a long time.


More energy

ManxKat发表于 Dec 13, 2012

I have not noticed weight reduction but there is water weight reduction and more energy plus a better mood.


Healthy Origins, 7-Keto

Reviewer1632997发表于 Apr 08, 2012

I’ve noticed an improvement with my energy level since I started Healthy Origins, 7-Keto, and no stomach upset. This is a product I will continue to take.



Reviewer1293697发表于 Apr 04, 2012

Seems to have changed my metabolism but have not checked any weight-clothes fit better. I like it!!


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