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Reviewer1815324发表于 Jun 01, 2009

I'm taking 100mg of ubiquinol and about 5 grams of d-ribose twice per day. LOTS of mental and physical energy, helps me stay alert and focused at work and provides an energy boost for workouts after work. Also, when I'm low-carbing ribose doesn't take me out of ketosis the way other sugars do. The Healthy Origins brand is at least as effective as others that I've tried and iHerb's price for the 300g container is the best I've come across. Thanks iHerb!


Brain Powder

Reviewer1243591发表于 Jan 04, 2011

D-Ribose has enabled me to think again. I suffer from a severe case of CFS. I had trouble making calculations and comprehending multiple ideas at once. I recommended this to a friend with Fybromyalgia and he says it has given him his brain back. It is hard to understand how frustrating it is to be aware that you can't process information. You can't trust your own mind. I have tried different varieties of D-Ribose. This one is the least expensive and does a great job.


Fantastic product!

Reviewer2228499发表于 Oct 21, 2010

I have noticed a considerable difference with my fibromyalgia within 3-4 days of starting taking it. Lots more energy and aches and pains disappeared. Easy to use and nice to taste! Great value too!


has bad odor compared to other brands of D-ribose

Reviewer1356092发表于 Oct 11, 2012

i've been taking d-ribose and recently bought two of this becuase it was the cheapest. but they both smell so bad that i couldnt take it. i had to reorder another brand and they were ok. i will never order this d-ribose again.


Seems surprisingly good.

Reviewer3104381发表于 Jul 31, 2009

My recall has improved dramatically and I have actually been picking up previously neglected projects.


Something new to try.

Reviewer1563647发表于 Mar 07, 2010

Dr Oz recommended it on a recent show. I thought I would give it a try because I have confidence in his opinion. I been using it a week and I have more energy in the gym and my workouts are more intense. Mentally I feel better as well. So far so good but I can't give it 5 stars until I have used it longer.


Easy to use, but without results

Reviewer1122363发表于 Feb 15, 2010

Dissolves instantly with pleasant, sweet taste in any beverage. Despite it's claims, I didn't see any increase of energy and sometimes decreased energy resulted with extra dosages.


Bad experiance

4738000929145687427发表于 Oct 12, 2012

I won't be buying this brand again. Has a very strong chemical odor, i decided to try it anyway and felt sick afterwards. Concerned that it's contaminated, I emailed the company and have not received an explanation. Not happy!


Helps my Fibromyalgia

5247468418138863864发表于 Jun 21, 2013

This is an essential for me,it took 2 weeks using one tsp three times a day with food(very important otherwise it makes your blood sugar drop and you will get the shakes big time)I take one tsp two times a day now after meals and it cuts my pain in half I still have flare ups that are extremely painful but over all this stuff is a must for me. I have tried other brands but they are all sourced from the same wholesaler so this brand works out the best price for its size


Good product

Reviewer2182584发表于 Feb 03, 2010

Now my daughter and I are both using it. Have to order more. Noticed a difference after two weeks.


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