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  • Healthy Origins uses ubiquinol products manufactured exclusively by Kaneka Nutrients L.P, Pasadena, TX, USA.

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    cheap and effective

    Reviewer1999801发表于 Apr 25, 2010

    Co-Q10 (ubiquinol is the active best metabolised form) is a key component of Dr Sinatra's awesome foursome for improving heart metabolism. I have cardiomyopathy, and have taken 300mg/day of ubiquinol for 7 months now (also magnesium, and more recently L-carnitine fumerate and D Ribose) and the benefits have been substantial in terms of heart health and quality of life. (I did find that L carnitine gave me head aches so I stoped that) I have also noticed a number of other health issues have been resolved by the awesome foursome, prostate problems (now no problem peeing, full flow), skin blemishes gradually disapeared including age spots,skin softer and less dry, hair regrowth. And healthy origins price is the best.


    Great Product

    Reviewer2829216发表于 Oct 04, 2008

    This should be a supplement for everyone. My skin appears much healthier and very noticeably smooth after taking Ubiquinol. I was constantly using lotion for dry skin and hands. This is no longer needed with Ubiquinol. I can imagine this supplement would save a lot of money for people buying expensive cosmetic creams and lotions if they knew about its results!


    Ubiquinol has helped me!

    Reviewer1759128发表于 Mar 01, 2011

    This product has reduced my restless leg syndrome dramatically, and has helped my husband's leg cramps. Having used it only a couple of months, we are satisfied with the results so far.


    Great for M.E.

    Jodi-Hummingbird发表于 Jan 09, 2009

    This product is just vital for anyone with seious neurological or cadiac problems. If you have an illness like Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which involves BOTH, it is really essential. I can't recommand it highly enough for ME patients. This 200mg one is great value! I have severe M.E. This product, at 300mg daily, has taken me from a level of 5% functioning, up to 8%. That is a lot when you are so ill and housebound and 99% bedbound! Has also changed my sleep patterns massively.


    Parkinson's Disease and CoQ 10

    Reviewer2771882发表于 Aug 21, 2009

    I have been diagnosed with PD about 2 years ago and this form of COQ 10 is the best and cheapest I have found. Especially, if you are over 55, you should be taking this form of it. I believe that it has really helped me and prevented the progression of the disease.


    Excellent source of COQ10

    Reviewer3180149发表于 Nov 30, 2010

    I have tried every source of CoQ10 because I am diabetic, Type II. None of the others did much for me until I started taking Healthy Origins. I have not taken any diabetic medications in four years as a result.


    Energy and clearer thinking

    Reviewer3201443发表于 Sep 29, 2011

    My daughter and husband have been taking this product for about a month. They have noticed significant energy and clearer thinking. My daughter did research to find that the higher amount, 200 mg. per day is better for disorders like neuropathy and MS.


    For Mom

    Reviewer1236933发表于 Feb 09, 2012

    I buy this for my 93 year old mother. All I know is that with this along with several other excellent iHerb products and tweaking her diet, my mother is out of a nursing home and living on her own in her home again. Your service is always excellent. (I use this, too.)


    Best price!

    Reviewer1549374发表于 Dec 10, 2008

    You have the best price and quality of any supplier that I could find on the internet. My wife has a mitochondrial disease that requires her to take mega-doses of supplements in order to survive. Your product helps her enormously. Far better absorbtion than with ubiquinone. I wish the price was cheaper, but your's is the lowest I could find.


    Ubiquinol 200 mg

    Reviewer2047555发表于 Oct 12, 2008

    This is the only source that sells Ubiquinol of this strength. Price is reasonable. The capsules are small, non-sticky, and easily swallowed. I take them once daily. Like all supplements, you won't notice any immediate difference, but I can assure you that my immune system is stronger than without supplements.


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