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really works.

Reviewer2857158发表于 6月 27, 2008

I was having an IBS flare up due to stress and didn't want to continue taking immodium since finding out it can be addictive and is derived from opium. Also was having dizziness from it. The Heel BHI Diarrhea Homeopathic Medication worked great. I took two in the morning, afternoon and evening. Life saver.


Excellent results!

Reviewer2107689发表于 11月 18, 2010

I am amazed that this homeopathic remedy can do what Imodium does, and does it so much better with no side effects! My IBS symptoms were awful and prescription drugs were little or no help and expensive. After taking Heel for one day (2 dissolved under the tongue - one at a time - about 20 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner) there was no more problem. I did this faithfully for three weeks, and the nasty symptoms did not return. Now I take one first thing in the morning and one at noontime and two before dinner and all is still well. I haven't felt this good in two years. No more diarrhea, gas, bloating and stomach cramps. The important thing, it seems, is to be faithful in taking the Heel at least 15 to 20 minutes before eating a meal or drinking a liquid and doing it every day. That way the symptoms won't get a chance to start. If you should miss taking at dose or two and you begin to get that dreaded feeling, you can stop it, or lower the impact by following the directions here on iHerb, “One tablet may be taken as often as every 5 minutes as required for relief.” I did this once and after 3 tablets about 10 minutes apart, the symptoms receded and were gone in an hour. Thank you iHerb, for these wonderful Heel products and your making them available to us at an affordable price!


Love it!!

Reviewer2064697发表于 10月 30, 2011

Very efactive.


My Mom's Savior

Reviewer1482590发表于 9月 14, 2008

Ordered these for my Mom online because our local store was out of stock. These are the only natural medicine that stops her problems in their tracks - she loves this stuff!! Thanks for carrying it, iHerb!!


good product

Reviewer3296176发表于 7月 06, 2009

works extremely well for diarrhea


Knocks out simple upset quickly.

Reviewer1734130发表于 11月 09, 2007

Except for a heavy duty virus attack, we have found that this product stops diarrhea in its tracks.


The only thing that stop my dad's diarrhoea!

5407917945385245687发表于 2月 06, 2016

My dad got a terrible chronic diarrhoea a few months ago, that lasted for months! He lost so much weight everyone was so worried. We tried different things and some would work for a while, but then it would come back. This is the only thing that worked.... now if he feels a slight discomfort, he immediately takes them and within minutes the discomfort goes away !


Virker fanastisk

Reviewer2020920发表于 4月 01, 2016

Har haft dierre i mange år. Mere eller mindre. Især efter at have taget noget kemo er det blevet værre. Fik dette hjem fra iherb i går - tod en pille i aftes - og allerede her til morgen var min mave meget fastere. Håber det holder.


not very effective

5566358083810447338发表于 7月 22, 2016

It's not really effective for ibs-D ,



Reviewer2144919发表于 8月 29, 2010

This one doesn't work for my father.


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