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smells good

fennel发表于 Aug 28, 2011

Like this soap and it seems ok, but wonder what the ingredients are and perhaps would rather buy one where the ingredients are declared in future.


Great lather but, slight irritation

Reviewer2164615发表于 Mar 03, 2009

I love the scent of this soap. It really lathers up well. I wouldn't recommend using it on sensitive parts of your body (women,that is, not sure about men). I generally have no problem with soaps, but this one had a slight burning sensation. I will still continue to use it, but will be sure not to get it in the sensitive area. I do have other soaps for that. Overall, I love the scent and the lather.


nice smell but dry my skin

Reviewer3060193发表于 Jan 28, 2011

I love the smell but it dries my skin (I have normal skin). I have to put body lotion every time I shower with the soap, otherwise skin feels itchy. Actually I find soaps based with coconut oil are all a bit drying compared with soaps based with olive oil.


Soap review

Reviewer1559289发表于 Mar 30, 2011

i was really waiting for this soap to arrive, the smell of it is really nice and it lathers very good. But the thing that made me instantly to dislike it was that when i applied this soap to my face ant shoulder it started itching really badly, i couldnt even bear so i had to instantly wash it off. I read the igredients and im aware its all natural, so I have no idea who might have caused that. Anyways, im going to use it for hands.


Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap from India, seventy years old soap

5lanvianvil发表于 Oct 10, 2015

I have opposite thoughts about this soap. I love the scent and how it feels on my sensitive, extremely white skin; moreover, the price is great. On the other hand, I’m not sure about the ingredients because it is made from unspecified oils and vegetable extracts, lathers well and easily and has a “beautiful but weird green colour”, so I think that it might have some synthetic ingredients. In my opinion, despite the unknown composition, overall isn't a bad product. Tengo pensamientos totalmente enfrentados sobre este jabón. Me encanta el aroma y la sensación que proporciona a mi piel, sensible y extremadamente blanca; además está muy bien de precio. Por otro lado, tengo dudas sobre los ingredientes porque está hecho de aceites y extractos vegetales sin especificar, hace bastante espuma fácilmente y tiene un “bonito pero sospechosamente llamativo color verde”, por lo que creo que podría tener ingredientes sintéticos. En mi opinión, a pesar de la composición desconocida, en líneas generales no es un mal producto.


It's soap

Reviewer2425198发表于 Mar 25, 2009

Lathers fine. Smell is good if you like that type of thing.


Fresh scent

Reviewer3032841发表于 Jan 19, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised the first time I used this soap. It produces a great lather and has a fresh, clean scent.


Herbal - Vedic Chandrika Ayrvedic soap

Reviewer1489759发表于 Jun 21, 2008

Very clean scent, rinses completely off the skin. Leaves my skin a bit dry though.


i didn't like it a lot

Reviewer1413752发表于 Feb 06, 2012

its a tiny green block, don't smells bad, it smells to something clean i tried it after try the Nubian Heritage black soap, and the black one cleans much more deep, you can feel it, i wish i didn't buy it and i bought again the Black Soap, is double the size, and i feel its better soap. i give it 3 stars for the price, but not because i think its an ultra wonderful soap.


Herbal - Vedic, Chandrika, Ayurvedic Soap Bar, 2.64 oz (75 g)

elena1974发表于 Feb 07, 2012



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