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Babycakes发表于 Jun 06, 2015

Dusk scent with lavender, bergamot, lemon, lime, clary sage and ylang ylang oils. I love this strong and masculine smell. But it won't work 100% on men who sweat a lot. It's not a strong protection. Also, deodorant feels too oily in a weird way (oil drops on the surface). I don't think iherb has any other natural deodorant for men that would work better though so I'm content with the purchase.


Complements keep pouring in!

Reviewer1073373发表于 Apr 10, 2014

No lie but almost weekly women say how much they like this scent on me. The scent is like an evening on the porch watching the sun set and the stars rise maybe in a less drier place in California. Manly yet not overpowering. Softer as in something better for the later part of the day. I know this sounds like a review for the Dusk Cologne but the two smell the same. It also seems to have some staying power for more than a mere 8 hours.


great deodorant

Reviewer3358386发表于 Oct 27, 2011

My husband loves this product. It works well and he tends to sweat a lot but seems to do the job much better than other natural deodorants he has tried.


Intoxicating Smell

Reviewer2455420发表于 Apr 05, 2012

The Herban Cowboy Dusk line is not only cruelty-free, it has the most amazing smell. I know it's wierd but I can't stop sniffing my partner whenever he wheres this deodorant!


Good product

Reviewer2852612发表于 Mar 24, 2013

I love these deodorants. They smell great and theyre the first all natural deodorant I have tried that actually works, and I believe i have tried just about all of them now! Im so glad I dont have to ise a stick full of chemicals anymore.


Works well

4755295381373480519发表于 Aug 30, 2013

I bought this for my husband to try because I wanted to switch him over to a more natural deodorant. He's not a fan of the crystal deodorants or the roll-on types, but he really likes this one. It smells great!



5690786160833804405发表于 Apr 13, 2014

I love the smell and it has staying power even after a workout.


The best deodorant I've found.

Reviewer1393655发表于 Apr 29, 2014

Actually have gotten compliments on my cologne that turned out to be this deodorant.


Best Out There

4828892247895556433发表于 Mar 24, 2014

I have been using this product ~6 months and love it. People say I actually smell good- All Day Long and sometimes even the next day! I will be buying more.


Better than what I was using for most of my life :)

5037331095655354643发表于 Mar 06, 2014

It took me a while to find a good natural deodorant & at first I got the women's blossom which wore off quick (which isn't fun at the gym haha) but I didn't want to give up on them so I decided to try the men's (I was told dusk was the best out of them all) & I have been using it ever since!!


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