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Dip Dye Tips

YoungerNextYear发表于 Mar 31, 2016

I bought this to dip dye my daughter's tips blonde - she already has dark blonde hair with natural sun streaks, so I think her hair is perfect candidate for a good result. It works perfectly and the result looks like Australian surfer-beach hair. I agree with other reviewers that it's the hydrogen peroxide doing the work vs the camomile but since I'm only putting it on the tips (5-7cm), these can be trimmed off at the next hair appointment. I wish I could post a photo of my daughter's results. It looks lovely and natural and I would have loved this look in my teens and twenties. This is the perfect home solution for a DIY job. If you find this review helpful, please click "YES" to let me know.


Really needs a spray bottle.

Xhalax发表于 Jan 11, 2015

This is a nice product if you want to gradually lighten your hair without too much of the chemical damage you would get from regular bleach. As another reviewer said, though, the lightening effect in this product comes mostly from the hydrogen peroxide, so just be aware that if you use it too frequently it will probably end up damaging your hair. I have used this product twice now and the lightening effect is noticeable. I have dark blonde roots, and my ends are previously coloured reddish brown. The lightener seems to work on both the natural hair and the dyed hair. I intend to use this product once a week for a gradual lightening effect. Now, the bottle (and thereby the application) would really benefit from having a spray nozzle. They say it is a lotion, but in reality it is as runny as water. I poured mine into a small spray bottle and applied it that way, which worked well. I found it easiest to first shampoo and rinse, then get out of the shower, towel dry my hair, apply this lightener, wait for ten minutes, and then get back into the shower to rinse it out and deep condition my hair. My hair did not feel damaged afterwards. All in all a good product, but I had to take off one star for the bottle, that ought to have a spray nozzle.


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hydrogen peroxide

Reviewer3328027发表于 Oct 20, 2013

It's working, really. But don't believe it's chamomile's effect. It is hydrogen peroxide, it smell like hydrogen peroxide, it hurts skin like hydrogen peroxide. it'll break you hair like usial hydrogen peroxide. It's hydrogen peroxide - so you can buy it as is, without any "chamomile's" fairy tales.


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Perfect for a Natural Change

4759928739848153952发表于 Oct 03, 2013

I have dark blond hair, which gets kind of mousey in the winter. This product lightens my hair slightly each time I use it, while making it glossy and soft. Really enjoying this for general hair care. And since it lightens gradually, you end up with a very natural look.


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Didn't do much - or anything.

5449568728209222743发表于 Sep 14, 2013

I used it once a week as directed and did not see any results. Maybe it's just not for me.


Really helpful!

theprettyblossoms发表于 Apr 12, 2013

I've bought this product expecting to have a subtle effect in my dark hair. However, the results were much more noticeable than I thought. I moved the product in a spritz container and used it once a week on my freshly washed hair then I would blow-dry it. That is how I got the most results. My natural dark hair has become a really beautiful shade of auburn with no traces of dryness as I would have got from dying it. However, I must say that my hair tips (which have been colored before) hadn't really changed so I guess this works mostly on natural hair.


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very good

5412590387312978189发表于 Jan 29, 2013

very good result


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Herbatint (Antica Herbavita), Chamomile Hair Lightener, 6.8 fl oz (200 ml) (H

squzza发表于 Nov 01, 2012

Seems it works, but this is not as noticable as I expected.


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Reviewer3343239发表于 Aug 29, 2012

It really works! But if you do as it says on the bottle it won't work.. No, you have to put it in a spray bottle and spray it in your towel dried hair, then you blow dry your hair and voila! The hair is a few shades lighter..


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I will continue buying this product!

Reviewer1463191发表于 Aug 17, 2012

I will continue buying this product!


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