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Best Hair Color

Reviewer1676115发表于 Aug 30, 2008

This is the best hair color...as with any hair color the your hair is several shades darker than you'd think but there is no awful smell. It covers stubborn gray hair about as long as other colors without drying your hair out as well. I'd recommend this product to anyone and everyone.


Herbatint Hair Color 5C

Reviewer1494476发表于 Oct 05, 2008

This colour is perfect for my hair, as it is just a little lighter than my natural colour (I am 55 next Monday so slightly lighter is more elegant), and does not have unwanted red tones. Color 5C is no longer available on the shelf in Australia so I have to order it through the Internet. Regards Lorna


Fan of this prodct for years now

Reviewer1963608发表于 Sep 13, 2011

I mix this with another shade, and paint it on the limited area where I need it (at temples) with a paintbrush. Because you use only as much as you need and then can seal the bottle up, the bottle lasts me for ages. I like it that it is less toxic than other stuff, and that I can do it so easily myself. The color does not last as long if I am swimming in chlorinated pool.


very very good and beautiful colours

MukMas发表于 Dec 02, 2011

this one is obviously very dark, i mix it with light ash blond, and OMG, what an amazingly beautiful color i get! looks so natural and really pretty


Darker than expected, fades

Reviewer2625092发表于 Sep 22, 2013

This dye will make your hair as dark as Katy Perry's or Cher's (or very close). It successfully covered all my gray hair without mixing it with an "N" color, as the directions said, but unfortunately it was much darker than I expected. UPDATE: Although the color was initially ash colored and darker than my natural hair color, it faded with time. Several months later as my hair grew out and the roots became visible, the part I dyed actually looked oranger and slightly lighter than my natural hair color. I don't think the ash color lasts. This dye did permanently cover the gray. I definitely recommend buying 1-2 shades lighter than how you think it will turn out based on the color's name. If you want to maintain an ash color, it will probably require a semi-permanent dye to be applied every so often. I think this problem of the ash color washing out is typical of most permanent hair dyes even from salons.


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