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Increased happiness and relaxation

optimalhealth发表于 4月 12, 2013

Ashwagandha is another great herb I use to compliment my alcohol alternatives! I experience that this herb makes me very happy the first hour and more relaxed the next couple of hours. I also get slightly increased libido. I also know that it's good for your immune system. This is what I have experienced. Other than that Ashwagandha is considered a very healthy herb, with a lot of claimed benefits so I'll just list them, and you can see for yourself how it works for you. Some uses of this herb: - Anti-stress - Adaptogenic - Improves physical endurance and energy - Improve thinking ability - Decreasing pain and swelling - Prevent side-effect of aging - Increase sexual desire - Good for immune system.


Wonderful Relaxant

Reviewer1233513发表于 2月 04, 2007

We have found that 1 capsule with dinner and 1 at bedtime makes a big differnce in our sleep quality. It seems to help us slip right into a restful sleep.


great herb

estranged发表于 4月 19, 2013

My heart used to race when I went to bed. Not any more. I have used many other supplements for various issues but they didn't help. After this product I understood that stress was the cause of them and Ashwagandha is the cure for stress. I can finally sleep now. Best herb I have used. If you are in stress. You should try this.



Reviewer2597761发表于 7月 14, 2011

I had the opposite effect with this one - very wired for about 3 weeks. Now I seem to have more energy, and I am sleeping through the night most of the time. I usually wake-up 2x a night, and go back to sleep. Now I rarely wake-up till morning.


My favorite Ashwagandha

Reviewer1564334发表于 1月 13, 2011

Over the last year I have tried a number of brands, Jarrow sensoril, Pure, even Gaia, but this works best for me because of the potency I feel. I take it at night. This tablet can be hard on the tummy, if so, take with a bit of something. For me it is calming,(made me sleepy at first) supportive for my hypothyroid. I will continue to order this.



Reviewer3260068发表于 10月 12, 2012

Excellent for calming. Good for exhausted adrenals and helps with decent sleep through the night.


Feeling of Well Being

Reviewer2120570发表于 12月 13, 2011

Shared this with a lot of people - they ALL love it ! Feeling of well-being and clarity. Tried several others - this was the best !


Ashwagandha veggie caps

Reviewer2537773发表于 2月 21, 2009

I have been using this product for several years. I have colitis and it settles my stomach and allows me to have a better diet. My dealings with I Herb have always been very good--good prices and prompt delivery.



Reviewer1812104发表于 9月 07, 2013

Helps me relax my mind very very well. What can I say? More focussed, less anxiety and increased libido. I take this after meal (contrary to suggestion)and it still works perfect. Takes a little while to feel the effects though.


Couldn't stay sane without it

4997456849209915264发表于 1月 28, 2014

Seriously, this is the perfect herb for my 40s perimenopausal hormonal body. This herb helps me with anxiety so I can feel sane. I'm not usually brand loyal with supplements, but in this instance I am.


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