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Reviewer1029503发表于 Jan 04, 2011

For the first time since I started wearing natural deodorant I don't stink!! My pits are fresh and dry and that NEVER happens! This is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever tried and I have tried at least 10 different brands!


not bad - works to control ordor for mild / moderate activity

4995603593656547113发表于 Nov 04, 2012

works better at controlling ordor than the current Su Kin deordorant i am using. powder is a bit rough, but it's okay for me. smells like jasmine - initially a little put off by the smell, but after a while, is quite pleasant once your nose gets used to it. not yet the greatest at controlling ordor though. a slight smell still. but decent ordor control if not active work out.


rough texture

Reviewer1642248发表于 Sep 24, 2008

the powder was a great deodorant but it was rough and made my skin itch would not buy it again



AnnaLL发表于 Apr 25, 2013

Smells very pleasant.


Not that impressed..

5146613158094346832发表于 Jun 16, 2013

This did not work on its own, but when added a few drops of sandalwood it works like a charm!!


Love it!

sweetheart发表于 Jun 28, 2012

I love this product! Doesn't keep me all dry but prevents the smell! The scent is amazing, I love it! I would really like to know what it is. I usually don't like any fragrances (actually i'm a bit sensitive to them) but this is something else!!! If you want to save some money, you can make this easily your self: put some baking soda (Red Mill's is my favorite, also available in iherb), add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. My favorite is one drop of tea tree oil combined with two drops of lemongrass oil. Very fresh and mild!


Honeybee Gardens, Deodorant Powder, 4 oz

Reviewer1953436发表于 Nov 02, 2008

Love the stuff, especially since it doesn't contain talc or mineral oil. Mary M. from AL


Good product, but can only use periodically.

ShelleyP发表于 Aug 10, 2009

Nice light scent to this powder and is very effective as a deodorant. Unfortunately, I have the same problem with this as with plain baking soda - it makes be break out in an itchy rash if I use it for more than a couple of days in a row. I'll have to alternate it with other deodorants. I think it's because the baking soda is quite drying.


Prevents bad body odour

Reviewer3103570发表于 Jun 07, 2015

I tend to sweat a lot when I get excited and my under arm emits a bad odour when that happens. I've tried many types of natural deodorant and finally found this that works! It also doesn't irritate if I put it after shaving my underarm, not like other liquid deodorants. I apply it in the morning and it lasts till night. No more bad odour... Thanks to Honeybee, I no longer need to use Aluminium based deodorant which is bad for health.


Simple and Works Well

5231814768665160895发表于 Aug 02, 2015

I wanted to get away from antiperspirants that contain aluminum chlorohydrate. I have tried stick deodorants that were only mediocre, and did nothing about wetness. I was skeptical that a deodorant powder would keep me dry and odor-free, but was surprised at how well this product works. Plus, it smells great without being overbearing.


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