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be careful

Reviewer1281074发表于 Jan 10, 2012

Be careful because the producer don't put any expiration date on its products. I've got a lipstick that does overpass it long time ago, a masacra that seems to be "not good" also . So I can't tell anything of the qualities of the "fresh" ones. Not to blame iherb.com, I do like many other products I got with it.


such a find

Reviewer1863460发表于 Nov 19, 2011

I wouldn't describe this as moisturizing, but this is by no means dry or uncomfortable either. The colour is perfection - this is a really gorgeous, more peachy than pinky nude shade. Very flattering, will buy again.


Pretty peachy nude

naturallabeauty发表于 Nov 23, 2011

Pretty creamy pale peach/nude shade. No shimmer or sparkle. I've seen this swatched beside Revlon's Soft Nude - they're nearly identical dupes of one another, but this one is natural. Texture-wise, Karma is harder and less creamy than the other Honeybee Gardens lipstick I have (Soft Kiss)


Love it!

Reviewer1739184发表于 Nov 27, 2012

I love this lipstick. It's a very unique color, nude lip. I also use it as a concealer under my eyes, it works great. So now have 2 things in one :) It does kinda go on not smooth, but that doesn't bother me.


Good color but dry

Reviewer2078719发表于 Aug 27, 2012

Exacylt as others have reviewed. It's the perfect color for nude-color lovers (j.lo lips) I've been into nude lips for a long time & its hard to meet a color that is perfect. But it's too dry. Use lipbalm & exfoliate lips regulary. And yes, it breaks. Put it on dabbing on lips. Pro & cons, I still give it 4 stars because the color is perfect and this is a natural & no-animal testing and those factors are more important to me than the cons.


Don't buy!!!

Reviewer1554947发表于 Jun 30, 2013

Smells like rubber. The color is fale beige. It is never peachish. 절대 사지마세요. 고무 냄새에 그냥 베이지색 이에요. 복숭아색은 무슨...ㅡㅡ


Love it!

Reviewer1964855发表于 May 18, 2012

This lipstick is very smooth and creamy on the lips but also very fragile (it may break easily). It must be applied with some care. I love the colour as well. Sort of a pinkish nude, very discreet and very classy. Herminia, Portugal


worst lipstick I have ever bought

4839964790182216380发表于 Jun 28, 2012

This is a pancake-like matte lipstick that settled into every line in my lips and caused them to flake after 5 minutes. Applying a gloss over the top only made this more obvious. The colour is closer to beige and, when applied, caused my lips to disappear into my face. This product should be called a lip eraser - not a lipstick. Also, the packaging is flimsy and the lipstick was slightly bent and looked like it would break with any real pressure. Ghastly!



5074272024961188967发表于 Jul 06, 2013

Apenas lo recibí, me emocione por saber el color, apenas lo abrí, tenía gotas de aceite sobre el labial, y el olor es horrible, no parece un labial natural sino más bien químico. El color es de lo peor, recontara blanco, ni un poco de color, como está en la foto. Desilusionada totalmente, por el precio, realmente no vale la pena


sticky feeling, funky smell and drops of oil separating from the actual stick

bianquita发表于 May 27, 2013

this lipstick went straight into the trash for me. It arrived with drops of oil all over, like it had separated from the other ingredients...and when applied leaves a sticky feeling on lips like a bad lipgloss...and it smells like...mold. Worst lipstick I've ever tried.


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