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Life Saver!!

Reviewer2314092发表于 4月 12, 2013

*** 13/04/2013 Update to review below: My weight-loss continues, proving that my digestion is much improved. Although the nature of my many issues dictate that I frequently feel unwell, I can see and feel the general improvement and my energy levels are definitely higher and more constant. This is a long-term product and I believe there is much to come, still. I have been chronically ill with many and various conditions since childhood, including fibromyalgia/ME, lupus, Lyme's disease, RSD (complex regional pain syndrome), Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, gluten and caseine allergies... Candida was blamed for most of my ills because of misuse as a baby, but try as I might, I was slipping further and further downhill. My health has long since become all-consuming. All I want is good enough health to function properly. I was throwing $1,000's after my health, all pretty much with no results. Over the last few years I have felt increasingly that I was intolerant of all food, period. No matter what I ate, I'd feel bloated, exhausted, flushed, acidic - it was so frustrating! I'm a great believer in food being our medicine & medicine being our food. However, the more I fasted, juiced, tried to eat raw, increased my vegetables and fruit intake, esp the high coloured foods, and the more "super" supplements I took etc, etc... the WORSE I FELT. I blamed it on oxidative stress as I'm so full of heavy metals, asbestos, etc, and my weakened body suffers when I start detoxing. Then phenols and salicylates crossed my path. At first it seemed as this was "just another thing" that sounded like me. but it kept coming back, until one day I was doing my usual order on iHerb and up popped No-Fenol. On a whim I added it. I am now about to order my 3rd bottle - only because I never want to run out, EVER. It has changed my life! From the very first day. I have lost 2 kgs (close on 4.5 lbs) over the last couple of weeks without any other change. I always believed that my body would start losing the excess weight naturally once it started healing. I look as though I've lost double that amount. I am even starting to feel a change in my energy levels. I believe my body is healing. I also added their Lypazyme for fat digestion (for my dodgy liver) and AFP-Peptizyde for my gluten, caseine and soy intolerances, although my diet is still free of these items and will remain so, for the most part. Rome wasn't built in a day. Thank you, Dr Houston. I know you developed these mostly for kids on the autism spectrum, and bless you for that, but you are changing my life.


Great enzyme product for Phenol issues

sobr9000发表于 6月 11, 2012

We've found this to be a high quality enzyme product for those with phenol issues. E.g. salicylates, amines etc. My son & I use them on an ad-hoc basis if we are eating something that is higher in phenols and they definitely seem to help us tolerate more. We use this product in conjunction with Tri-Enza Enzymes for my son, which is also a superb product.



Reviewer1817539发表于 9月 14, 2012

Love this product! I took it before going to the store and didn't get a headache from peoples perfumes.


good for my child

Reviewer3217150发表于 9月 24, 2012

Houston enzymes are very good for my 5 year old child. He has intolerance to phenols - one per day is ok for him. He feels better when taking them. We also tried kirkman phenol assist, but these are better.


Good digestive help for vegetarians, but be careful when combining with medications

Sickness-ELIMINATOR发表于 2月 21, 2016

Be careful with Enteric Coatings and other Sustained Release formulas. 'This product contains cellulase, which may interfere with sustained-release medications that use cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, and/or hypromellose as part of the timed-release mechanism'. Not all sustained-release medications are based on sellulose, but manufacturers of enteric capsules rarely tell what is the enteric coating made off.



5445969179359706188发表于 9月 16, 2014

Additional support for salicylate sensitivity - not good enough to stop effect of sals, but does take the edge off.


me like

5154170390377322146发表于 10月 16, 2014

yep, its working as long as you don't over do the amount of phenol foods you eat..



5729645721604450241发表于 12月 17, 2015

They take away a huge chunk of the allergic reactions and behaviors she would have other wise, best enzyme to date.


No comment

5218941224968427197发表于 11月 21, 2013

Didn't seem to work for me as well as others.


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