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Lovely and handy

NarnianGirl发表于 Apr 18, 2015

This is a really well put together travel / trial kit, which gives one the opportunity to 'test drive' these body products before deciding what to buy full size. I already had the body/room spray, and have loved it - the scent is very good, both warm and refreshing. The vanilla isn't ccoming on too strong, the orange balances it nicely and gives it some sharp edge. Especially happy about the lip balm: plenty of good veggie waxes and oils, no irritants (except in the end of the ingredients list). A great price, too!


Lovely smell!!!

5742900614866556524发表于 Dec 03, 2014

Great smelling travel set! The lip balm isn't very hydrating, and the shower gel doesn't foam up a great deal, but all in all a beautiful set for travelling and good value for money!!


Smells good

5192061030374913548发表于 Nov 04, 2014

Smells good and the shampoo and conditioner is good for the hair.


Me encanta!

5407943405866488964发表于 Jul 22, 2014

He probado el champu, acondicionador y la bruma. Y todo me encanta! :) Es super buen pack. El champu y acondicionador van muy bien para cuando te vas de viaje, ya que tienen el tamaña ideal y encima no tienen siliconas ni sulfatos que es lo que yo queria. En cuanto a la bruma, me encanta el olor que tiene, y lo echo todas las noches en la almuhada. Es cierto que no aguanta mucho el olor, pero bueno para irte a dormir, va perfecto! :)


Fragrant kit! ♡ Visit my page for more reviews♡

Valerie发表于 Aug 27, 2013

Very fragrant kit! The smell is a blend of vanilla+sweet orange, I was not sure I will like it, but I like :o))) I dilute the body lotion with a fragrance free mill creek lotion http://www.iherb.com/Mill-Creek-Hand-Body-Lotion-Unscented-16-fl-oz-473-ml/36068 and get a really nice gently scented lotion, my husband is sensitive to all fragrances, this one he liked :o)) Great for sauna and pool. All the tubes and bottles are glued to the paper packaging, which is not really good - I had to cut the glue off with a kitchen knife. 4 stars for that. ♫♪ If I helped you with your choice - please, click "Yes" under the review and welcome to my page with even more helpful reviews ! Good Luck! ♫♪ Очень ароматный набор! Запах ванили со сладким апельсином, я не была уверена, что мне понравится, но мне запах понравился! Смешиваю лосьон для тела с этим лосьоном без запаха http://www.iherb.com/Mill-Creek-Hand-Body-Lotion-Unscented-16-fl-oz-473-ml/36068 Получается очень приятный лосьончик с тонким и ненавязчивым ароматом. Мой муж очень чувствителен ко всем запахам, ему мало что нравится. Этот запах ему понравился :о)) Идеальный набор для сауны и бассейна. Единственный минус - за это 4 звезды - все бутылочки приклеены намертво к картонной упаковке. Пришлось отрезать клей на доске кухонным ножом. ♫♪ Если я помогла Вам с выбором - кликните "Yes" внизу и добро пожаловать на мою страничку (просто кликните на мой ник Valerie) с множеством полезных отзывов о других продуктах с IHerb! Всем Удачи! ♫♪



5022739518921706872发表于 Mar 11, 2013

I love this set, I take it with me to the gym. It smells so creamy of vanilla & sweet orange and I love the combination! It has everything you need to cleanse yourself. Good little bottles too, they were a bit hard to get off the paper in the packet though but just use a little force, the glue sticks them on good.


Travel Kit

5487755191647402822发表于 Oct 25, 2012

The vanilla sweet orange travel kit has nice scents and is a nice size for travel. The products are soothing,and the shampoo is wonderful.


great travel kit

FancyBeauty发表于 Aug 30, 2012

I've liked to use this kit. It contains all the necessary products to take care for the hair and body that may be needed in an any trip. The mixed smell of vanilla and orange is very sweet and tender. All the products are very good, and cope with their tasks very fine. Этот набор мне понравился больше, содержит все необходимые средства по уходу за телом и волосами, которые могут понадобится в путешествии. Запах смешанной ванили с апельсином мягкий, нежный и ненавязчивый. Все средcтва очень хороши, и справляются со своими задачами просто замечательно.


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Loved everything except the lip balm and shower gel

Reviewer2781280发表于 Feb 18, 2012

I have sensitive skin and my skin gets itchy after using department store/drug store brand products after more than several uses. This left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling silky. I wish the shower gel would lather more easily though, and my biggest issue was with the lip balm which broke after several twists.


Smell Good Travel

Reviewer2704828发表于 Jul 23, 2011

Bought it to take to Summer camp. Love the lotion, so thought this would be a good travel kit. It has everything you'd need.


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