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Very Nice.

Reviewer2231750发表于 Oct 11, 2011

This company is so intent on making their stuff pure and natural. My daughter saw one of the owners eat one of their products to prove how safe it was for your skin. I'm not planning to eat it, but I will continue to buy it.


Best body lotion I've ever used

Reviewer1728405发表于 May 03, 2011

Love, love, love this lotion. It has a subtle, pleasant scent, is very nourishing for dry skin conditions, but doesn't leave the skin sticky.


Not that unscented

Reviewer3257094发表于 Dec 10, 2011

This product is not truly unscented. It has a unpleasant scent that lingers during hours. I thought it was suppose to last only a couple of minutes, but after 1 hour I could still smell it on my skin.



Reviewer1299905发表于 Jun 24, 2011

First time I purchased and I love it! I break out from many lotions but not this one. It leaves my skin moist and soft but not greasy. A little high priced but worth it.


I wanted to love the product

Reviewer2117014发表于 Jul 30, 2014

The ingredients are safe, and it has some scent (natural oils or something), the texture is more like cream not lotion, the actual package is not a pump but a tube. It applies good, leaves no film but on hot days causes sweating. Will not reorder.


A very good and natural product

Reviewer1128681发表于 Jul 26, 2011

This lotion is very nice and ingredients are very natural. So happy with this product!


great lotion

101010011发表于 Sep 12, 2011

new price and smaller size is not that great, but the product itself is



Reviewer1306818发表于 May 06, 2016

This truly is an excellent all over lotion. It is blissfully unscented and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It has become my favorite after shower lotion that is smoothed onto face to sooth the shaving irritation and also on my legs to seal in some moisture in the dry skin.


This is ok but not quite right for me

5744880716595214920发表于 Nov 09, 2014

I like that this is vegan, unscented, reasonably priced & contains no nasty ingredients. I bought this because I'm nearly out of (facial) moisturiser and I'm looking for a replacement. Now that I'm getting older & have to actually put effort into maintaining a youthful appearance (!!) I usually apply 2 layers of moisturiser before putting my make up on, so my skin will look hydrated & hopefully the beginning wrinkles are less noticeable. Unfortunately, it doesn't really sink into my skin very well and leaves a slightly waxy-feeling residue. This does disappear eventually but it doesn't quite work for me. Lots of other people seem to like it, it must be great for some & less so for others. I like the brand's ethos & will definitely try their other products.


All-Natural, Superior Lotion

5126181821018308823发表于 Apr 23, 2015

I have dry skin, especially on the hands in the winter. And fragrances aggravate my allergies. Hugo's unscented lotion is the Best! It's different than all the others; doesn't burn chapped and sore skin, has just a touch of natural scent, and replaces roughness with softness. If you struggle with skin problems, you owe it to yourself to give this a try. My natural food store doesn't carry it any more, but I found it at iHerb. Thanks, iHerb!


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