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perfect for my oily scalp !

Reviewer29875314发表于 8月 27, 2012

I was a bit worrying while taking this shampoo miniature for trial, as the reviews are not very positive, but for my personal situation it was really active and helped to avoid shampoo every day, my hair looks clean and shiny for several days thanks to this shampoo. I love invigorating aroma of it too and a small bottle, that I will use for my tarvels.


One star

australia发表于 4月 24, 2013

Horrible, made my hair stringy and oily.


Great for thin hair!

4929798790387648961发表于 1月 07, 2014

I have tried many natural shampoos but could not find the one that would suit my thin hair. I think I love everything in this shampoo. It has a natural and clean invigorating tea tree and lavender scent. It lathers well and cleanses thoroughly. My hair is slightly oily and it did help for my hair type. My hair looks clean, silky, shiny and with volume! So far, shampoo that gives your hair volume did not work for my fine hair. Great product.


It may work for thicker hair types...

pickier-than-thou发表于 3月 17, 2010

It was a pain to use for fine long oily hair.


Never again

5030939233066724923发表于 1月 27, 2013

Smells good but otherwise the product is useless. Couldn't wash my hair properly with it and couldn't comb my hair after washing.



5220295489184962903发表于 7月 18, 2013

I have naturally thick, curly hair. It didn't really smell like tea tree or lavender. Left my hair feeling dry and hard to comb afterwards. Also used with the matching conditioner.


very good shampoo

4693038859160163755发表于 9月 23, 2013

lathers well, leaves hair soft and shiny. it soothes my scalp as well. light lavender smell, not disagreable. i will buy it again if i have an itchy scalp.



5067913002070712864发表于 2月 27, 2015

This is really lovely shampoo and smells exactly like tea tree and lavender! I know because I've mixed tea tree oil with lavender shampoo before and this smells the same. I'm a guy with short hair so pleased with the price point considering iherb normally do such a "great" job keeping lower priced items out of their website. Bunch of moaners some people in their reviews here!



5053046501897407701发表于 9月 07, 2015

Me gusto mucho este shampoo, el olor no es muy bueno por el árbol de té, pero no se queda en el pelo. Deja muy limpio y brillante.


Brilliant for adding volume!

KaliMama发表于 7月 06, 2013

While I'm not very keen on the (strong) lavender smell, I do love how this shampoo performs. After I stopped dying my hair it has become too flat and oily for my liking, I've tried so many natural alternatives and this is the only one that thoroughly cleans my hair, adds volume, bounce and even some of the curls I've missed so much. Must be used with the conditioner though! The ingredients are the cleanest and simplest you can find. I highly recommend this for anyone with who's looking for volume and has hair that is slightly on the oily side


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