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Restful Legs means restful legs

Reviewer2489065发表于 Jan 06, 2009

Been suffering with RLS for years now. I did not want to take the medicine that the doctor would have me take, so I was feeling somewhat hopeless. I routinely use homeopathic remedies, so I decided to see what was available. To make a long story short, Restful Legs made a difference the very first night. I take 4 tablets either before bed or when I get the first twinge of restless legs. It works in minutes. I have also noticed that the quality of my sleep has been excellent since I started taking Restful Legs.


Must have for RLS.

Reviewer2802644发表于 Sep 16, 2008

This product is an essential for anyone suffering from RLS. I take mucuna, but even with that I sometimes break through and find myself running in bed. Two or 3 of these little tablets under the tongue and soon I'm sound asleep.


These work wonders

Reviewer1184822发表于 Oct 29, 2008

My legs start going nuts in the evening. I usually take 3 of the tablets and have complete relief from jerky legs all night. Without these tablets, I couldn't sleep, they work really well for me.


This stuff works

Reviewer2185424发表于 Mar 07, 2009

I suffer from RLS and have for almost 10 yrs. This stuff really does work. I usually don't have a problem falling asleep, but my leg movement wakes me up and I never fall into a deep sleep. But if I am awakened by RLS, I take 3 of these and I'm out. Works much better than I anticipated.


hyland,s Restful legs

Reviewer1743668发表于 Jan 01, 2010

My wife has RLS and we find that these Restful Legs are doing a good job.


leg spasms

Reviewer2550937发表于 Feb 09, 2010

works great most of the time...


Excellent Product for RLS

Reviewer1511161发表于 Oct 06, 2008

I've had RLS for at least 30 years. For me it comes and goes - doesn't seem to matter what I eat, drink, or the amount of exercise I get, when it comes on I know it'll be almost every night for a while. But I know that if I have my Restful Legs to take, I'll be able to sleep! And it's incredibly fast acting! And it even works for my fiance - cause he gets to have a good night sleep because I'm not bouncing him out of bed!


Thank You Restful Legs Tablets

Reviewer2973876发表于 Feb 28, 2009

This product works wonders! I have tried rx from my dr. and nothing comes close to the relief I get from this product. It works very fast and I can relax and/or sleep now without my legs doing marathons on their own. I am thankful to you for selling this product and I will buy more when I need to. Thank you!!



Reviewer2646269发表于 Nov 01, 2010

very good product. does what it says. thank you.


Restful Legs

Reviewer2972109发表于 Aug 15, 2011

Nothing helps my husband with his fidgety night-time legs like Hyland's Restful Legs! Sometimes he has to take several doses, but it works for him like a champ. When we run out, he can tell the difference in his ability to sleep well due to his legs feelng restless.


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