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Best Men's Multi I have found yet!

Reviewer2784879发表于 Sep 09, 2009

I have been taking this product for over 4 months now & I feel so much better. I eat good, try to exercise regularly, & sleep when I can but I feel my body gets exactly what it needs everyday to help me perform at my best! Forget One-A-Day or these other OTC multivitamins that just pass through your digestive tract & end up in your septic tank w/very little nutrients being absorbed. I know that this multivitamin has the most potential for my body to get what it needs. Thank you for this product!


Excellent Excellent None better

TexasChick发表于 Feb 16, 2013

I am a nutritionist my spouse a weight trainer/bodybuilder. I have found NONE anywhere with this prolific list of vitamins coupled with key herbal therapy. This comes in a women's formula as well. My husband and I are on these products and have been for 4 years. Myself and spouse have been twice a year the last 4 years for physicals with know your numbers blood work. Our doctor is STUNNED at the results of being on these supplements. He had a baseline on us prior to starting these and the results are just unbelievable. My husband is 52, I am 47, our physician and his assistant, after doing the know your numbers and full evaluation on us, put my spouse at 24 internally and myself at 22. Of course we are advanced weightlifters on a strict diet but again he had a baseline prior to starting these and the results are undeniable.Only side effect FEELING GREAT! Our physician wanted to see the bottle and review what we were taking. He made the statement that to see blood results like my husbands are only seen in adolescent males,not 50 yr old men. I will never stop taking my women's formula and he will not stop taking his men's formula. I cannot reccomend these enough !


best i ever had...

Reviewer2020170发表于 Oct 03, 2009

this stuff is Great it does give you sustained energy, im telling everyone i know about this stuff....


Living Green Liquid Gel

Reviewer1702930发表于 Jan 03, 2008

This is the best daily I have ever taken. Boost your mental acuity and energy WITHOUT any caffine or un-natural buzz or hyperness.


just so so

Reviewer1652842发表于 May 13, 2009

Male 50 in good health. Was looking for a slight uptick in energy and a general healthier overall feeling when taken regularly which I did for three weeks. I didn't notice anything different before, during or after taking them. Tried taking them on an empty stomach to help speed the ingredients into my system unmolested but, that just got too upsetting to my stomach to deal with. Resorted to taking with meals.


Easy to Take

Reviewer2517781发表于 Dec 04, 2009

Large softgels but pretty easy to take, actually. They have a great combination of whole food ingredients and the price is good.


Great Men's Multi

Reviewer1943230发表于 Oct 22, 2009

My husband prefers these over other brands he's taken over the years.


Spectacular! Raises bust in women!

Reviewer1011584发表于 Oct 11, 2009

These vitamins deliver on all the outlined points, something most vitamins fail to deliver. My wife and I both use these, and the saw palmetto just causes her pectoral muscles to explode with growth, therefore raising her bust and giving her beautiful youthful breasts again, a plus for sure. All the products in the line (minus the diet pills) are spectacular, I use the Daily Gentle Cleanse and the Power to Sleep PM with these, and I feel so much better than I did before I started taking supplements, and notice a marked improvement in well-being compared to other multi-vitamins. The only complaint is the the products contain soy, being that I have hypothyroidism this can pose a problem. On occasion I have to cease usage for a week to let my body process all the extra soy-gunk. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS LINE OF PRODUCTS GO SOY-FREE. The formula is perfect other than that.


Great Product and fast shipping

Reviewer2597080发表于 Oct 28, 2009

My husband seems to like this product. There aren't too many vitamins that he doesn't get an upset stomach or something from, so this is great. He'll actually take it.


Great Vitamins

Reviewer2419987发表于 Mar 20, 2011

Great vitamins, full daily dosing. My husband loves them because they have exceeded the daily dosages and doesn't require him to double up the way the other previous brands did.


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