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Thyroid antibodies lower

5248958136506666715发表于 May 30, 2015

I had elevated antibodies against my thyroid, so my doctor recommended that I take a supplement with beta glucans, calcium d-glucarate, and Lactobacillus lysate. I substituted separate supplements because they were significantly less expensive than the combination product. Three months later, my latest blood test shows healthy levels of antibodies. My doctor suspects it's primarily the result of the beta glucans.


Great quality, great price

Reviewer1985629发表于 Nov 09, 2007

Wonderful for immunity when dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If I miss it for 1-2 days, I feel the exhaustion return.


Beta glucans

Reviewer2432818发表于 Jun 03, 2009

Excellent product for the immune system, takes down tumors.


Amazing immune booster

Reviewer2123273发表于 Oct 14, 2009

I'm happy to report that Beta Glucans actually work and with no side effects! I've tried other immune boosters like vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, goldenseal, and andrographis. Some of them upset my stomach, and I was usually disappointed because I would catch whatever bug I was trying to avoid anyway. Since I've discovered Beta Glucans, I've been sick far less often, which for me is really saying something--I have lots of allergies that wear down my immune system, so I've always been sick a lot. Now that I take Beta Glucans, I've noticed that the duration of any illness I do get is much shorter, though I hardly ever get sick now. Beta Glucans seems to keep me healthy.


Jarrow Formulas, Beta Glucan, 60 capsules.

Reviewer1999653发表于 Feb 05, 2011

This is one of the most powerful immune boosters one can ever use. It has strengthened and protected my system from the flu, the cold and other viruses that run rampant at any time during the year.


Excellent Product

Reviewer2670241发表于 Feb 28, 2012

I use this product to replace Isus's Health Immune, which was discontinued, as part of my cancer protocol.


Jarrow Formulas Beta Glucan

Reviewer1954694发表于 Mar 27, 2011

Great to up your neutropils


Effective against viruses

5234728829999803621发表于 Apr 12, 2016

Tried in this winter. Effective when taken at the first symptoms of disease many times per day and after that 1-2 capsules for maintenance. Did not work for the "old" virus. The rationality behind may be that it helps to activate your first line - innate immune response, but at the same time it suppresses your adapted immune response (production of antibodies which anyway takes some time after the first contact with a virus). If your innate immune response is good enough and it kills the virus, then there is no need for activating antibodies anyway. If its not then it may even extend your illness because the body doesnt produce antibodies. This is only a guess but it really seemed to be a case. After stopping taking beta glucan when it did not work and after a couple of bad days my daughter actually started to recover. Before that there was kind of endless "almost sick" situation.



Reviewer2153521发表于 Mar 05, 2008

This combination was recommended post-cancer surgery for both my husband and I to stimulate the immune system. iHerb pricing is very reasonable.


Did NOT Deliver...

Reviewer1372403发表于 Jul 18, 2008

I've had two (2) different versions of beta glucan. The first off of a store room shelf cost around $85 and performed well. This Jarrow brand looked much more cost effective, so I decided to take a chance. After working my way through the bottle, I'd have to say that there was no noticeable improvement in my condition. I did suffer a pronounced allergic reaction to the Jarrow brand. I wouldn't recommend this product.


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